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Attire / Things to Bring

What you wear is important and thus, professional business attire is required for all Career Forum attendees. Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers are not permitted at the event. Although not required, many participants wear black, navy, or gray colored suits. Female attendees have worn skirts or pants. Accessories and hairstyles should be business-appropriate. Your appearance becomes a reflection of who you are and your professionalism. Employers do notice details, including a wrinkled suit/shirt, inappropriate accessories, and so on.
Because you will be walking around the whole day, we recommend wearing shoes that are comfortable, yet professional. If you are planning on purchasing new shoes, purchase them early so you have time to break them in prior to the Career Forum.

Regarding socks, we recommend wearing socks similar or darker in color to your suit. If you are planning to wear stockings, make sure to bring extra.

There is no specific bag you should have for the Career Forum. However, we recommend a bag that matches in color and style with your suit. Choose a bag that you can easily pull out your resume or anything else you need. The last thing you want to be using your time up with a company is rummaging through your bag for a pen.

List of things to bring

Bring extra copies of your resume!
If you are bringing the Japanese style resume, please make sure to bring extra pictures with you as well. Depending on where the event is held, there may be none or limited places to take id photos.
Keep track of which companies you visited, whom you spoke to and your impression(s) of the company. You can also write down in advance the questions you want to ask the companies.
Your thesis/project/portfolio
Besides your resume, have anything else you wish to share with the company available to show at anytime.
Bring something to drink or snack in case you do not have time for breakfast or lunch.
Some companies require you to fill out forms. Have something sturdy to write on such as a binder.
Mirror, brush, watch, tissues