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ZS アソシエイツ

Management Consulting


ZS is a consulting firm focused exclusively on improving business performance through consulting solutions, from customer insights and strategy to analytics, operations and technology. Together, we design and implement strategies that lead to greater market share, more competitive operations and increased use of today's latest technologies. More than 10,000 ZS professionals in 29 offices worldwide draw on deep industry and domain expertise to deliver impact where it matters for clients. We are particularly known for our expertise in the healthcare industry, including pharmaceuticals and medical products and services.



Impact where it matters.

Because of the increasingly diverse nature of our business we deliver solutions for our clients in four areas: consulting, operations, technology and software, and integrated solutions. We also have an internal corporate support organization that operates ZS business functions and supports our client-facing teams. ZSers take advantage of our collaborative environment to develop their expertise. Since we believe the best solutions come from pushing boundaries and embracing new thinking, ZSers are always learning and growing and clients are always getting the best.


Business Consulting

ZS's business consulting group designs and delivers solutions to solve our clients’ sales and marketing challenges. Our team members often work on multiple projects simultaneously and leverage market research, advanced data analytics and problem-solving techniques to transform our clients’ sales and marketing organizations. From integrating sales forces after mergers to designing go-to-market strategies, ZS’s consulting services offer solutions built on rigorous research and analysis. ZS brings smart thinking to critical marketing and sales decisions and because ZS leaves nothing to intuition, our clients trust us to make a measurable difference from planning to implementation. Core skills include: Strong oral and written communication Empathy, adaptability and emotional intelligence Excellent critical thinking and problem-solving Close attention to detail with a quality-focused mindset For native level Japanese speakers, business-level English preferred For non-native level Japanese speakers, business-level Japanese and business-level English required Expertise areas we hire in: Strategy Insights and Planning: Deliver high-quality projects to ZS's clients using unstructured problem-solving skills as well as strong analytic and communication skills Decision Analytics: Create and deliver strategic solutions for ZS's clients and project teams using analytic skills and advanced quantitative modeling, simulation and optimization techniques to derive insights and solve problems


Business Technology

ZS Associates' Business Technology group focuses on strategizing, designing and building marketing and sales technology solutions to improve our clients’ commercial effectiveness. The types of solutions include enterprise information management, reporting, analytics and business process automation enablement. We provide a complete spectrum of business technology solutions, from strategy and roadmap definition to full implementation and ongoing operations. Our team possesses deep expertise in leading analytic, business intelligence and system integration technologies which we apply in a pragmatic fashion to create and deliver client solutions. Business Technology Analysts work with ZS teams and clients to design effective technology solutions that support and enhance critical business processes and to manage the implementation of those solutions. Core skills include: Technology-focused mindset Strong verbal and written communication Ability to work creatively and analytically Strong attention to detail with a quality-focused mindset Aptitude for, and enjoyment of, working in virtual global team environments


No other organization has our focused commercial expertise, broad and integrated offerings, analytical and technology capabilities and industry experience. We tackle projects from customer insights and marketing strategies to product launches and technology systems – and everything in between. We don’t just deliver great ideas – we stick around until they’re creating value in the real world. Our experts work with leaders at the world’s top corporations to create progressive marketing strategies and orchestrate sales that boost market share, increase revenue, lower costs and improve overall business performance. We ask the right questions to uncover insights that lead to better decisions. We use and build the best technologies and operational processes to design solutions that work. And we develop resolutions to get it right the first time.



Office Environment

Tokyo(Toranomon Hills Business Tower) Osaka(Hilton Plaza West Office Tower)


Life at ZS

Our core values represent our culture at ZS: treat people right, get it right, and do the right thing. We work in a diverse and inclusive environment; we have people from different backgrounds in terms of specialties, nationalities, ages, work experiences, etc. Every year, ZSers consistently rate “the people” and “the collaborative working style” as top drivers of engagement. A supportive community, trust and empowerment, humility, innovation and a quest for continuous improvement are a few of the hallmarks that underpin our culture. In the Japan offices, besides our project work, we have initiatives to support our community and people. Some of them are: • ZSCares: ZS Cares is our global Corporate Social Responsibility program and an internal initiative that supports non-profit organizations • WLI: The WLI supports women in building successful, long-term careers by enabling professional growth, fostering an inclusive culture and supporting individual choices. We also have social events like sports day, holiday party, ski trip, and other unofficial social gatherings.



ZS helps our people emerge as experts by giving them the resources to stay current in their field while arming them with the skills they need to continue down their chosen career path. We provide a comprehensive onboarding program, interactive learning and development courses, and opportunities to learn from their peers through mentorship. To hear more about learning at ZS visit: https://youtu.be/xwKqoRFyojY





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Pratap Khedkar, Managing Director


Japan: Tokyo, Osaka Americas: Boston, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Evanston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Princeton, San Diego, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seatlle, Toronto, Washington, D.C. Europe: Barcelona, Cambridge, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Paris, Zurich, Berlin Asia: Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune, Shanghai, Singapore