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Kanomax Holdings, Inc.

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Kanomax creates the future of measurement with "Creativity and Innovation"

Kanomax Group has delivered the best measurement solutions in its products and services that adapt precision measurement technology for fluids and particles. We are contributing to technological innovation and quality improvement for the processes of quality management, environment management, and technology development in the areas of environment, health, and energy, which are essential to sustain human well-being, as well as in other industrial areas including automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, heavy industry, steel, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food-processing, medical, construction, and civil engineering. In recent years, we have implemented a global growth strategy led by the unique and extremely dynamic management team located in Japan and the US, as a cornerstone of our mid-to long-term strategies. Based on our reliable technology and 80 years of accumulated knowledge and know-how, Kanomax is operating through a global network established through the collaboration between the top management and employees, aiming to achieve global leadership in a niche area where we have great strength. The foundation for our sustainable growth is in the course of being established, with a view to an expanding area of precision measuring all over the world. Kanomax will continue to make innovations every single day, aiming to be the best in order to produce unique original products, as indicated in our corporate philosophy.


Pursue Creativity and Innovation

Our corporate philosophy "Pursue Creativity and Innovation" is an integration of the philosophy of foundation "Pursue Creativity" and the idea of "Innovation", which we introduced as an important concept at the inception of a new management setup. "Creativity" is the manifestation of creative force, and is an exciting word for us, meaning producing original products, services, and technology. It is our wish that we will continue to treasure this concept as our raison d'etre. Meanwhile, we have social responsibilities as a company and need to fulfill the expectations of our stakeholders. If we pursue nothing but unique product lines, we might end up taking more risks than necessary, which could threaten the future of Kanomax. This is why we added the concept of "Innovation" to our corporate philosophy. "Innovation" not only means dramatic changes but also refers to the tireless efforts being made to improve efficiency and effectiveness in small every day matters, as we believe that "God is in the details". We are aiming to become a group that bears a core philosophy that reflects this.


Corporate Vision / Corporate Mission

Corporate Vision Our corporate vision comprises four statements. A corporate vision generally undergoes a transformation as the social background, business environment, and management values change. However, we believe it should be based on an abiding philosophy. Our corporate philosophy is an integration of the spirit of foundation and the belief of the management team, which is responsible for the group's future. Four corporate vision statements are an evolved, future-oriented version of the philosophy of foundation which facilities inheritance of this philosophy with pride. 1. We will contribute to the development and sustainability of people and society through ultimate precision measurement solutions. 2. We will build character with our pride and aspirations in precision measuring as an essential tool of industry and science. 3. We will dedicate ourselves to creating the ultimate customer satisfaction as a professional group of global scacle. 4. We will create a corporate community that is exciting to all the stakeholders. Corporate Mission Kanomax Group integrates our mission, which is to be accomplished by all the group members, into our value proposition described in the following statement. "We, Kanomax Group, will deliver the best precision measurement solutions in an appropriate manner backed by our cutting-edge knowledge in order to help our customers create their own value."






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