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May. 20th (Sat.)

Pre-registration is recommended. Registering on the day of the event is also possible.

#{button_name} To participate, click on the join button on this page (displayed 30 minutes before the start time). Or join through My CFN page.
Time (JST) Title Description
8:00~8:10 Orientation Welcome and Introductions
8:10~9:40 Time-Slot Based Session Companies will move 5 times every 15 minutes to ensure you have the chance to interact with several companies.
* CFN will assign the table you will be seated at.
9:40~10:10 Networking Time for Companies & Participants You can freely converse with any companies during this time.
*No rotations during this time.
10:10~11:00 Networking Time for Participants You can freely interact with other participants. Career advising available with CFN staff.

Participating Companies

coming soon

Why participate in CFN Live Online?

  • Participating companies are actively recruiting global talents like you!
    Efficient way to get to know companies and industries. Visit company's "virtual" table and start talking.
  • Connect with other job seekers who have study abroad or overseas experience. Join tables based on graduation year, exchange/full-time student, and more!
  • CFN staff are available to answer questions about your job hunting!

Past CFN Live Online Participant Voices

  • I was able to listen to company explanations at random, which was useful for researching the industry. I was able to learn about companies I didn't know and broaden my horizons.

  • The free talk time with other job seekers helped me connect with others with similar backgrounds as well as interests in the same field/industry.

  • The 15 minutes short seminars were efficient in getting to know the main points about the company.

  • Able to freely visit company's table allowed me to familiarize myself talking to employers.

  • Learning about other industries opened up new opportunities.