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Frequently asked questions

FAQ pertaining to all Career Forums

What is DISCO Career Forum?
Career Forum is a job fair organized by DISCO International, where companies recruit their future employees. Likewise, candidates, primarily graduating students and mid-career professionals, can visit and interview with recruiters at their respective company booths. DISCO's Career Forums specialize in recruiting Japanese-English bilinguals.
What is the cost of attending the Career Forum?
Aside from your personal and travel expenses, the Career Forum is free of charge.
I want to participate in the Career Forum. What do I need to do?
You must first register online for the Career Forum. By registering online, you will receive the most up-to-date Career Forum information as well as message from participating companies. You must be a CFN member in order to register for the Career Forum. If you are not a CFN member, please click here to become a member. Once you become a member, you can register to any of the Career Forums.Register
I've participated in a Career Forum in the past. Do I still have to register?
Yes. DISCO holds Career Forums in London, Tokyo, Osaka, Boston and now in Los Angeles throughout the year and each Forum has different participating companies and candidates. Since each Forum is distinct, you will have to register for each event separately. You must register for the specific Career Forum in order to participate.
What do I do after I have registered for the Career Forum?
View the participating company list and begin applying online to companies of interest. Please also start making your travel plans. Sometimes the Career Forum is held during a busy tourist season or convention season making it harder to make travel arrangements as it becomes closer to the event.
Where can I get detailed information on participating companies?
Continuous updates on participating companies will be posted in the "Search" as well as "Participating Companies" section on our website. Corporate profiles and hiring criteria (i.e. language requirements, desired majors/degrees, employment location, etc.) of each company will be listed. Bookmark these pages and check back periodically.
Can I apply to the participating companies prior to the Career Forum?
Yes. You can view which companies are accepting online applications from the participating company list. Companies that are accepting online applications will have an envelope icon next to the company name. Click on the icon and the company profile will appear. Enter your email address and password and you can begin your application to the company. You must be registered for the Career Forum in order to apply to the companies online. Many companies prefer to screen candidates prior to the Career Forum in order to pre-arrange interviews. Over 85% of past participants have applied to an average of 11 to 15 companies. Make sure all sections of your CFN resume is completed with updated information before you apply to companies. Once you have applied to a company, you will not be able to make changes or delete your application.
What happens after I apply?
You should be aware that not all companies accept online application and each company utilizes the online application system differently. Many companies use the system to arrange interviews, but others may use it to measure candidates' overall interests in their company. Although we urge companies to respond to all applicants, please be aware that not all companies follow our guidelines.
Do I need to attend both days (for Boston, 3 days) of the Career Forum?
No, you are not required to attend the Forum for all the scheduled days. However, most candidates find it beneficial to attend at least two days in order to meet interview with their companies of interest.
Are the same companies there for two days (for Boston, 3 days) of the Career Forum?
Yes, all companies will be at the Career Forum for both days (for Boston, 3 days). However, some companies may decide to leave early on the last day depending on the results of their recruiting efforts from the previous day(s).
Do I need to be fluent in Japanese to attend the Career Forum?
No, students and professionals at all levels of Japanese are welcome to attend the Career Forum. However, most companies will expect business level proficiency in Japanese. Please view each company profile for specific language requirement.
Do most participants receive travel scholarships?
Unfortunately, especially with over 8,000 applicants for the Boston Career Forum, there is a limit. However, many participants attend our Career Forum from all over the US, Canada and a few from far away as England and Japan without travel scholarships because of the opportunities available at the Career Forum for Japanese-English bilinguals.
How should I dress for the Career Forum?
Professional business attire is required for all Career Forum attendees. Suits are recommended for both male and female candidates; those wearing jeans and sneakers will not be admitted.
What should I bring to the Career Forum?
Be sure to bring multiple copies of your resumes in English and Japanese. A cover letter is not required at the Career Forum. Please bring your name badge and admission tickets (can be printed out online at CFN as the event approaches). You will need them to enter the forum hall. Bring a pen and pad to take notes after interviews. Your interviewers may be valuable references in the future.
Where do I print out my name badge and admission tickets?
If you have pre-registered online for the Los Angeles Technical Career Forum, you will be able to print them out online. We will notify you by e-mail when the service is available. Please remember to print and cut out the name badge and admission tickets and bring them with you to the event.
Are the interviews held in English or Japanese?
Most of the interviews at the Career Forum are held in Japanese, but it varies from company to company. Some companies send their HR staff from Japan, and others from the United States. Interviews may be held in both Japanese and English so that the recruiters may assess your language ability.
What do I do upon arrival to the Career Forum?
Upon entering, you will go through the registration area regardless of whether you have registered online or are registering for the first time. At registration, have your name badge and admission tickets ready (please print them out and bring them with you to the event). You must show your name badge and drop off your admission tickets everyday to be admitted to the Career Forum. Once you enter the event hall, you are free to move about and visit as many company booths as you like in the two days. We do advise that you research companies of interest before approaching their booths. Company information is available on CFN and brochures will be available at the Reference Corner.

FAQ pertaining to specific Career Forums

What kinds of companies come to the Boston Career Forum?
The Boston Career Forum attracts world-class companies from a diverse range of industries. From advertising to financial services to electronics to pharmaceutical, the Boston Career Forum offers the widest variety of employment opportunities for Japanese-English speakers. For an updated list of participating companies, please refer to the participating company list.
How many companies can I expect to meet in one day during the Boston Career Forum?
It varies from person to person, but on average, candidates meet about 8 companies a day. With over 100 companies expected to attend the Boston Career Forum, it would be wise to prepare a list of companies you want to meet before the Forum.
Are there internship positions available at the Boston Career Forum?
Yes. Every year about a quarter of the participating companies were offering internship positions. Please view the internship section in the company profile. If a company offers internship positions, they will be posted in this section.
Do I need to have a technical major/background to attend the Los Angeles Technical Career Forum?
No, however, we suggest that you review the profiles of the participating companies and their recruiting needs. Please understand that the Company Profiles are only a rough guideline. Companies in the past have hired candidates with non-technical majors/backgrounds at the Los Angeles Technical Career Forum. The only certain way to find out is to apply online or visit and speak to recruiters at each company booth directly.
What type of company comes to the Career Forum?
The Los Angeles Career Forum attracts world-class companies from a diverse range of industries. Our event offers the widest variety of employment opportunities for Japanese-English speakers with technical background. Please view the participating company list when it becomes available.
Is the London Career Forum only for Japanese-English bilinguals?
Although the majority of companies will be looking for Japanese-English bilinguals, some might be hiring candidates with other European language skills. Additional European languages (French, German) are welcome.
Are there companies participating in the Tokyo Summer or Tokyo Winter Career Forum that participated in the Boston Career Forum as well?
To meet with as many Japanese-English bilingual jobseekers as possible, some companies participate in several Career Forums. Depending on the company, some may conduct interviews at the Tokyo Winter Career Forum with candidates they met in Boston. Or meet with candidates at the Tokyo Summer Career Forum and conduct final interviews in Boston. Although some companies may attend several Career Forums, companies are not necessary hiring for the same position or department. Please make sure to check the company profile for each Career Forum.
There are also quite a few companies that participate only in the Tokyo Summer or Winter Career Forum. The average number of companies a candidate can meet during the Career Forum is 8 to 10 companies. You never know when and where you will meet your future employer. Although the same companies may be participating, we would recommend attending several Career Forums to expand your career opportunities.
How is the Los Angeles Career Forum different from the Boston Career Forum?
Although fewer companies than the Boston Career Forum, the smaller size allows candidates and companies to meet in a relaxed atmosphere. With more time to talk to companies, the LACF gives you the opportunity to have more in-depth conversations and more time for companies to learn about you.

FAQ pertaining to participating requirements

Is the Career Forum limited to new graduates?
No, the primary participants of the Career Forum are college seniors, master's students in their final year, recent college graduates and experienced professionals looking for full-time employment opportunities. Additionally, internships are also available and we encourage college sophomores, juniors and first-year master's students to attend the event.
Ms. A: I am currently in Japan attending a Japanese university, but studied abroad for 10 months at university in the United States. Can I attend the Career Forum?

Mr. B: I graduated from a four-year university in Japan. Currently I am attending a community college in the United States. I don't have any work experience. Will the companies consider me as new graduate?

Ms. C: I am attending a Japanese university, but currently studying abroad in the United States in a language program. Do I qualify to attend the Career Forum?
To attend the Career Forum you must be bilingual in English and Japanese or ability to conduct business in English and Japanese and one or more of the following:
1. graduated or will be graduating from an undergraduate/graduate program outside of Japan
2. enrolled in a Japanese university and currently studying abroad
3. mid-career professional

Ms. A is currently in Japan, but since Ms. A was studying abroad, she is qualified to attend. Although Mr. B and Ms. C did not graduate from an undergraduate/graduate program outside of Japan, if they are able to conduct business in English and Japanese with some study abroad experience, they will be qualified to attend.

Whether or not the purpose of studying abroad was to learn English, the important thing is that one has obtained the bilingual and bicultural skill to during their study abroad experience. One should be able to conduct business without difficulty and understand not just the language, but the culture of others. If you believe you can do the things above, you will fulfill the needs of the participating companies and have a successful time at the Career Forum.