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Big 4 Useful Services of CFN
Join Career Forum
Prepare beforehand and make the most of the event.
1 DISCO’s "Career Forum" is a series of internationally recognized job fairs for Japanese-English bilinguals that have been running since 1987. As the official website "CFN" not only provides information about upcoming events but also allow members to search for global job opportunities, apply to companies, and schedule interviews. Come fully prepared to Career Forum by using these CFN features!
2 Utilize CFN Agent
Seek out for new opportunities and consultations.
1 Job hunting could be time consuming, stressful, and difficult to decide whether the job you found is actually suitable for you. "CFN Agent" will help you discover new opportunities by working closely with each candidate and giving advice on job hunting. Our consultants have a wealth of local knowledge and industry-specific insights, therefore candidates can remain confident every step of the way.
Start to use CFN Scout Service
Continue job hunting even in your busy schedule!
1 For those who are unable to attend Career Forum due to school, work, or other reasons, upload your resume and let companies scout you. CFN members have access to our comprehensive and constantly updated list of global job opportunities. Use "CFN Scout Service" and increase your chance of finding ideal jobs!
4 Try out "Video Audition"
Leave a greater impression to companies!
1 Introducing our new job-matching tool called "Video Audition", which allows CFN members to express their personalities, language skills, and unique talents that cannot be expressed in resume. Companies will view the video along with resume to get a better understanding, so use this chance to standout from others!
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