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CFN Scout

CFN scout service will allow companies to view your resume and contact you directly if there is a match. CFN Scout can further increase your possibility of finding a job. Simply make your resume public and you're set! You can always make your resume private.

Register to CFN Scout Service

To utilize the scout service, you must first complete your resume on My CFN. Your personal information such as name, address, and email address will neither be publicized nor be viewable by companies. Companies will be able to view information such as education and work history. Once your resume is complete, change your resume status to public.

Receive Scout Emails from Companies

If a company is interested in your resume, they will send a message via scout system to your My CFN Inbox.

Apply to Job

After receiving a scout email from a company, apply to the job. The Company may immediately schedule an interview with you since they have already seen your resume via the Scout system and conducted their preliminary screening prior to reaching out to you.