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Global Opportunities through CFN Agent

What is CFN Agent?

CFN Agent is a service beyond Career Forums that directly offers CFN members with a rich variety of positions in Japan and U.S. through the domestic and overseas networks of DISCO Inc., the operating company of CFN. Take advantage of CFN Agent and expand your career potential!

Why use CFN Agent?

  • Accessible wherever
    you are.

    You can apply to any position from wherever you are. You do not need to be in Japan to apply to positions in Japan. For U.S. positions, you can be on the west coast and apply to positions on the east coast.

  • Private job postings

    CFN Agent has positions available that are not open to the public such as at the Career Forums. CFN Agent will introduce you to these positions based on your skills and experiences from your resume and determine if you are a good fit for the position.

  • Get job hunting advice.

    After applying, the CFN Agent will provide you with tips and advice based on each company you applied to. You can also utilize the variety of job hunting seminars that will be available according to different stages of your job hunting process. This can also be an opportunity for seminar participants to interact and learn from one another.

How It Works

  • STEP 01
    Create Your CFN Resume

    If you have not yet created your CFN resume, please take this opportunity to do so. If you have already created your resume, review to make sure your information is up to date. Having an old address or leaving sections of the resume blank may make your resume look incomplete and have an impact on the company's image of you. This may lead to not being able to fully convey your interest to the company as well as a reason for a company not to reach out to you. Update both your Japanese and English resumes with the latest information and take the time to look over it.

  • STEP 02
    Apply to positions through CFN Agent

    * For those who proceed to further stages after application applying to Japanese positions, you will be required to register to Career+.

  • STEP 03
    CFN Support

    Before conducting interviews with companies introduced to you by a CFN Agent, CFN Agent will provide advice and feedback on the interview process. Preparing well for the interview is key for a successful experience.

  • STEP 04
    Interviewing Process

    We recommend applying to multiple companies of interest even while you are interviewing with other companies.

  • STEP 05
    Advice / Feedback

    Whether you passed, failed, or received multiple offers, it’s important to think about your next plan of action. Career consultants will assist you in making specific plans and next-step decisions. In addition, various seminars will be held such as career seminars and Career Forum prep seminars. Please make use of it to connect and learn from your fellow job seekers.

  • STEP 06
    Receive Offer

    Congratulations, you have just landed a job! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors as a business individual with a global point of view.