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Students outside of Japan
Students’ views on Employment

Students’ views on Employment

What do students outside of Japan value when it comes to their career? CFN asked students currently studying outside of Japan on careers. Within the results, we would like to share unique 3 points.


More than 60% of students studying outside of Japan (68.2%) say that they want to “work with more right to make own decisions,” which is much higher than the answer "want to work on assigned tasks" (31.8%). Many students outside of Japan want to be entrusted with more responsibility/decision making even as new graduates because they have faced various obstacles in a foreign environment and have had to solve their own problems.

When asked about where to work, the majority answered "want to work internationally" (70.5%), and about 30% (29.6%) said "want to work in Japan". It can be seen that there are many students who want to play an active role not only in Japan but also globally by making use of their oversea experience.

As for the way of thinking about work, more than 60% (66.7%) answered that "work is a means to make one's dream come true". For them, work is not about building a stable foundation, but about improving skills, gaining more experience, and fulfilling their dreams. This view on work is strongly reflected in the ranking of popular companies.

Survey period: August 12, 2020-October 21, 2020 Survey method: Conducted online for Japanese-English bilingual CFN members who have graduated or plan to graduate from universities and graduate schools outside of Japan between September 2020 to August 2022. Each respondent was asked to list up to 5 companies, and convert them as 1st place: 50 points, 2nd place: 40 points, 3rd place: 30 points, 4th place: 20 points, 5th place: 10 points.

Number of valid responses: 715

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