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An advantage of internships is to be able to experience companies internally such as interaction with working professionals that cannot be always experienced during your academic years or by just conducting company research.

Also through your internship experience, you will be able to further relay to companies your interest in the industry or company with details of your personal experience and knowledge that you may not have had before your internship. It also gives you the opportunity to become an employee and give you a better understanding and purpose to what you want out of your career.

At the Career Forum, many participating companies are looking for interns. Even companies that do not have internship positions posted may be open to internships after talking and listening to the candidate. So please be sure to visit all companies of interest.

Depending on the internship, the selection process may not be different from regular full-time employment. In that case, even if it is simple, have a resume prepared and include your contact and experience as well as anything that will make you stand out such as extracurricular activities or what made you interested in that company.

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