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Coat check

There will be a coat check available to check your coat and bags. If you are coming straight from the airport, you can also check your luggage. (Depending on the event, there may be a fee. Please check each event’s FAQ page for details.)

Registration (Check in)

During the day of the event, please check in at the registration counter inside the venue. There will be a sign above that says “Registration.” You will need to check in everyday of the event.
Press the “Attend” button for the event you are attending on the CFN App and show the screen that says “Attended” to the staff at registration.

Entering the event hall

After checking in, you will be able to freely visit company booths inside the event hall. During the day of the event, you will receive the event hall map, so look for companies of interest and visit their booths.

Things to keep in mind when visiting booths

Depending on the company, you will need to have a prior appointment. In this case, companies will state this on their job posting. With companies of interest, it is recommended to apply online to show your interest in the company and hopefully set up an interview appointment.

If you are not yet graduating or just want to ask questions, please inform the company when you visit their booth. Even if you are not there for an interview, some companies will welcome questions and discuss more about their company. Popular companies may have a wait of 30 minutes, so if there is a long line, you should come back at a later time.

Visiting company booths

Companies hold interviews or have information sessions inside their booths. Also, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the company since you will be able to speak to company representatives and those who work there. Depending on the company, the booth layout is different. Some companies have information sessions, but others may speak to you standing, or have interviews sitting down. We recommend you to think the interview has started the moment you enter their booth.

Interview at company booth

If you have an interview appointment with a company, clearly state your name and interview appointment time when you approach the booth. Make sure to have your resume handy if companies request it.

Companies hold first round interviews at their booths. Keep in mind this meeting may lead you to a second round of interviews. Always check what the next step in the interview process is. They may contact you in many ways such as calling you, posting it in their booth, posting it on the bulletin board, so it’s necessary to check how they are going to be contacting you and when.

Interview room

Companies may choose to hold interviews in a more private setting and use the Interview Rooms.

This may be a great opportunity to meet not only the hiring manager, but with managers and directors from other departments so make sure to be prepared to be asked questions on various topics.


Instead of at the booth, some companies will hold seminars in the Seminar Room. It is recommended to attend seminars for companies of interest in order to get a better understanding about the company. Date and time of seminars being held in the Seminar Room will be available on CFN prior to the event.

Business center

There will be PCs with internet access, printers, and copy machines available for you to check your email, print resumes, make photocopies, etc. This area may get crowded during the event so it is highly recommended to come prepared with all your necessary printouts.

Reference area

To help you with your company research, companies will have their brochures/pamphlets available for you to pick up.

Bulletin board

Companies may use this bulletin board to communicate with candidates and post interview results. Make sure to keep an eye on this bulletin board throughout the event.

Lunch break

Depending on the event, there may or may not be restaurants or cafés nearby. Check the area around the event venue beforehand. The area may get crowded during peak lunch hours so make sure to plan your break accordingly. We recommend you to bring sandwiches, muffins, nutrition bars, or something you can snack on during your free time.

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