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Making interview appointments & Check My CFN
Making interview appointments & Check My CFN

Making interview appointments

The selection process varies depending on the company. This is the general step . After applying to a job, you can check your application history from My CFN’s application management. You can also submit answers and videos later from here. However, please note that answers or videos cannot be submitted after the company closes the application. We recommend that you submit everything earlier than the application deadline.

Some companies may send automated messages such as “Thank you for applying” to those who applied. The next step in the interview process may be included in this automated message, so please be sure to check. Not all companies have automated messages set up, so even if you didn’t receive an automated reply, it doesn’t mean that your application didn’t go through. For details, please check the Application History/Manage Reservations page. Depending on the company, they may proceed with the selection process with the submitted resume or some may require additional materials. Try to submit them within a few days as possible. If it might take more than a week to gather all of your materials, explain the situation (i.e. waiting for reply from the university) and tell them when you will be able to submit the materials. In doing so, don’t forget to relay your interest for the company.

Companies may hold phone or online interviews before the event. For online interviews, they will usually set a time in advance, but for phone interviews, they may call you without prior notice. Be prepared so that you can speak to the company at any time. Also, you may suddenly receive a phone call to set up an interview, so be sure to know your schedule.

For phone or online interviews, they will contact you via email or phone, but for appointments during the event, you may receive messages to My CFN. If the company sends interview invitations using CFN’s appointment system, you will receive it in My CFN’s Interview/Seminar Invitation mailbox. By clicking on the interview reservation button, you can select the time of the interview from the date decided by the company. Times frames are limited, so we recommend you confirm the date and time as soon as possible. You can also set the interview time from Application History/Manage Reservations.

Some companies may set and conduct online interviews via CFN. For details on how to use CFN’s online interview function, click here.

By setting up an appointment, you will be able to efficiently go around the booths during the event so we recommend you apply online to companies. After applying, even if you do not receive a reply from a company, visit their booth on the day of the event. Directly appeal your strong points that cannot be conveyed from your resume.

Check My CFN

There are several functions on the My CFN page. Besides applying to companies, you can edit your resume, manage your applications, and check in for events, etc. all from My CFN. Notifications from companies will also be sent to My CFN, so we recommend you to frequently log-in to My CFN.

Create and edit resume, change privacy setting

To apply to companies or to use the scout service, you will need to create a resume. You can create and edit both the English and Japanese resume. If you use the scout service, where companies directly contact you after viewing your resume, you can make your resume public or private from here.

Manage video

When submitting a video to a company, you can easily select which video you want to send by saving it here. You can upload multiple videos. For the scout service, you can not only make your resume public, but also your videos too. It is also possible to have a separate video prepared for when you apply to companies and one for the scout service. For video question, you can only submit one video. If a company asks multiple questions, make sure to answer all of them in one video.


Notifications from companies (including scout messages) and interview/seminar information for events will be sent here. To not miss important messages, frequently check your mailbox. Some information regarding Scout and interview/seminars may be time sensitive, so try to check as soon as possible.

Messages related to Career Forums you registered to are automatically deleted one week after the event.

Application history/manage reservations

You can check past applications and documents here. If you are concerned about the completion of an application, check if the job you applied to is posted here. If it is posted here, your application is complete. Also, questions you can answer even after application submission and uploading videos can be done here. However, please make sure to do so before the company closes entries. We recommend you to submit them early since you will not be able to submit them after the deadline.

You can check your interview/seminar reservations as well as information here.

Manage account

You can change your email address, mailing preference, block certain companies from viewing your resume (scout service), change desired job setting, and cancel membership from here. If you wish to make changes, be sure to always click on the “Update” button. If you are not able to click on the button, it means that some required fields are left blank.

Career Forum check-in and admission ticket printing

Check-in is required at all Career Forums on the day of the event. You can check in with the CFN app but if you do not have the app, you can check in by logging into My CFN. From the Registered Career Forum(s) menu, find the event you are trying to attend to and click on “Attend (Day X).” (Button will be able to be pressed on event day.)

If you do not own a smartphone, click on “Admission Ticket”” and from the next page, you will be able to print out the tickets.

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