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At the Career Forum, there are companies that accept applications at the booth on the day of the event and conduct interviews (walk-ins), but many companies are accepting applications prior to the event online. Companies accepting applications on CFN will have a button above their company name that says“Accepting Applications.”

By applying in advance, you may be able to proceed to a telephone interview or set up an interview on the day of the event. To make effective use of their time at the event to the fullest, many companies accept applications online. Because only a limited number of interviews are set up, applying early on will increase the chance of getting an interview. If you are able to set up an interview, you can effectively use your time at the event and be able to visit as many companies efficiently. CFN resume is necessary for applying to companies on CFN. A resume is the first step in the interview process. When applying on CFN, most companies screen out candidates with this resume. Enrich the contents in your resume and sell yourself.

There are companies that require English resumes, so make sure you not only create a Japanese resume but also an English one. You can check your Japanese and English resumes on different tabs. Depending on the section, what you select on the Japanese resume is automatically reflected on the English resume, so we recommend you to check when applying.

Think in the position of the reader

A resume is not intended for looking at your style of writing. However as a professional, you should have a minimum level of writing ability.

It’s important to consider if the content makes sense and if you are writing with the reader in mind. Be careful not to use excessive amounts of technical terms or expressions that are too abstract. You will be able to better express yourself if you use specific details and episodes. There is extra space where you enter in your education and job history. However, it is not necessary to fill up the whole space. Depending on the company, the recruiter has to look at tens and thousands of resumes, so it is hard to read every single thing on everyone’s resume. It’s important to include on your resume what you want the recruiter to know about you but it’s also important to keep it brief and concise.

In the interview, you will be asked about the content on your resume, so make sure you know what is written on your resume. Also, before the interview, make sure you check what you wrote on the resume from the Application History on My CFN.

【Important! 】
Only one application per company. Since you cannot delete or resubmit your application once you apply, please be sure to check the information before applying and pressing the submit button. You can also edit your resume at any time, but the resume you submitted when you applied has already been sent to the company, so even if you change your resume on My CFN, the changes will not be reflected on the resume you submitted to the company. . You are able to change only your phone number and email address after submission. However, since there is a possibility that the company may have already started their screening process, we recommend contacting the company directly after making any changes. To avoid this possibility, please be sure to check that your contact information is up to date before submitting your application. On how to make changes to your contact information after submission, please check here.

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