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What to bring/wear
What to bring/wear

What to bring/wear

Attire・Things to bring

At the Career Forum, because many companies will be conducting interviews, please attend in attire suitable for business such as a suit. Although there is no specific color you must wear, black, dark blue, gray etc. are often worn. Keep accessories and your hair style plain and simple.

The company booth area may be big and you may walk around a lot just by visiting booths, so please choose shoes that you are used to and comfortable to walk in. If you are buying new shoes, break them in beforehand.

List of things to bring

Bring extra copies of your resume. It is possible to print out the CFN resume, but with a resume you create yourself, you will be able to change the format of the resume to make it more appealing and make your strengths stand out. Depending on the company and the representative, they may request both Japanese and English resumes, so have both resumes ready.
If attaching a picture on the Japanese resume, there is no place near the venue where you can take an identification photo, so please bring extra. Although it is optional to attach a picture, it makes it easier for companies to remember your face, so we recommend you to have it just in case.

Keep track of which companies you visited, who you spoke to and your impression(s) of the company. You can also write down in advance the questions you want to ask the companies.

Your thesis, project, portfolio
Besides your resume, have anything else you wish to share with the company available to show at any time.

Drinks/Light snack
We recommend bringing something to drink or snack on. Since there may or may not be restaurants or cafes depending on the event, prepare them in advance so that you will have time eat lunch even if your time is limited.

Binder or folder
Some companies require you to fill out forms. Have something sturdy to write on such as a binder.

Mirror, brush, lint roller, watch
Carry an item that tells time so you will not be late visiting booths or for an interview. Also, it’s best to bring items to check and fix your appearance.

Cell phone, charger
You may be contacted by a company regarding an interview during the event. Although there are computer and printers at the event you can use for free, it can get crowded during certain times, so you may not able to use them right away. You may use your cell phone or laptop often to re-check company information or open positions before an interview, so it’s safe to have a charger.

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