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Q.I want to attend the Career Forum, but what do I need to do?
A.Register to attend the event on CareerForum.Net (CFN). You are able to register at the event venue, but it may take extra time entering the event. There are some benefits of registering early, such as receiving detailed information on the event via e-mail, applying to companies, and smooth entry into the event.

If you are already a CFN member, click on the "Register for this Career Forum" button displayed at the bottom of each event and register. Also, if you are not yet a CFN member, you can register for CFN and the event at the same by clicking on the “Register for this Career Forum” button.
Q.What do I do after I registered for the Career Forum?
A.If you are interested in any companies after looking at the participating companies, we recommend applying online. Also, please make hotel reservations and purchase plane tickets as soon as possible. Please note that depending on the season, hotels around the event venue may become booked immediately.
Q.Are the same companies participating for two days (for Boston, three days)?
A.Participating companies will not change during the event days. Since many companies will conduct interviews for 2 or 3 days in order to conduct recruitment activities, we recommend that you visit booths as soon as possible to companies that you are interested in. Depending on the company, companies take walk-in interview only on the first day, so create a list of companies you plan to visit, so you can move around the event hall efficiently.
Q.What level of Japanese or English is needed?
A.It depends on the company, however, not all companies require native level. It differs by employment locations, so please check each company’s profile for the required language level.

Also, on the participating company list for each event, you are able to filter by language level.
Q.What is a travel scholarship?
A.Travel scholarship is granted to qualified Japanese-English speaking candidates to help defray the cost of attending the Career Forum. The travel scholarship program is currently available for Career Forum held outside of Japan.

Eligibility and application periods differ between events, so please check each event’s travel scholarship page.
Q.Are interviews held in English or Japanese?
A.Most interviews will be held in Japanese, but it varies from company to company. Some companies may allow you to choose between the two or interviews may be held in English only. Please practice interviews in both languages so you will be able to interview smoothly in either language.
Q.How can I cancel my Career Forum attendance?
A.Even if you decide not to participate after registering for the event, there is no need to cancel your event registration. However, if you already have an interview scheduled with a company, please let them know that you cannot attend as soon as possible.
Q.Do I not need to fill out the entire Self-PR section of the resume?
A.The number shown at the bottom of the self-PR section of the CFN resume is only showing the maximum character that can be entered into the field so it is not necessary to fill out the entire section. Although it depends on the company, most companies expect candidates to answer questions in Japanese within 200 to 400 characters, so please keep that in mind.

The kind of content and quality depends on the person, however, it’s best to think of the reader when answering and answer in a way that is understandable and concise.
Q.What is a network reception?
A.The networking reception is held the day before the Career Forum or on the evening of the first day and is a place where participating companies, job seekers, CFN staff gather and network in a casual environment. Network receptions are not held at all Career Forums, so please check on each event page for details.
Q.Can I apply if I’m not able to attend the event?
A.Companies participating in each event post job information for those who they will interview at the event. Companies are presumed that job seekers will attend the event, so if you know beforehand that you cannot attend the event, please check the Job Board, where event attendance is not necessary, or apply to companies through their website.
Q.Is there way to change my contact information on my application after applying to a company?
A. After applying to a company, only your email address and phone number on your application can be changed.
  1. After logging in, go to My CFN.
  2. Click on “Application History/Manage Reservations” from the My CFN menu
  3. Click on “Show Applications“ for the company you wish to change the information for.
  4. Click on “Edit Email Address/Tel” and make any necessary changes.
Since there is a possibility that the company may have already started their screening process, we recommend contacting the company directly after making any changes. To avoid this possibility, please be sure to check that your contact information is up to date before submitting your application.