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Guideline to a Successful Career Forum

If this is your first Career Forum or a job fair in general, it may be hard to know what to prepare when you have never seen the event. Here is a rundown on what to expect at the Career Forum. The key to a successful Career Forum is to be as prepared as much as possible by doing all the ground work before attending the event. Once you get an idea of how the Career Forum works, then you can focus on one thing – finding your career!

Download the CFN App

The registration desk is expected to become extremely crowded on the day of the event.
Please ensure you download the App in advance to allow for smooth entry to the Forum!

When you can't use the CFN App, print admission ticket(s) from My CFN and don’t forget to cut them out and bring them with you to the event.
If you don’t see the print icon on My CFN, double check that you are registered to the event.

What to Wear and Bring


Professional business attire is required for all Career Forum attendees. Suits are recommended for all candidates; those wearing jeans and sneakers will not be admitted.


Be sure to bring multiple copies of your resumes in English and Japanese, as some companies may request in both languages.

Name Badge/Admission Ticket

Bring your name badge and admission tickets (can be printed from MY CFN). You will need them to enter the event hall.


Bring a pen and notepad in case you need to write down company’s contact information or notes after an interview/seminar.

Coat Check

There will be a coat check available to check your coat and bags. There may be a nominal fee at some Career Forums. If you are coming straight from the airport, you can also check your luggage.

Registration (Check in)

At the registration desk present your name badge and admission ticket with the correct date. Be sure to have them printed and cut out. CFN staff will stamp your name badge to confirm your check in. You will need to check in everyday of the event.

If you forget your name badge and admission ticket…

There will be a printing station available at the registration desk. However, to avoid long lines, it is highly recommended to come to print them out beforehand.

Event Hall

Once you enter the event hall, you are free to move about and visit as many company booths as you like. A floor map will be available of where companies are located to help you navigate through the hall. We recommend that you research companies of interest before approaching their booths

When Approaching Companies

Many of the companies will be holding interviews at their booths. Some may only interview those who had applied online prior to the Career Forum. In this case, companies will state this on their job posting. With companies of interest, it is recommended to apply online to show your interest in the company and hopefully set up an interview appointment.
If you are not yet graduating or just want to ask questions, please inform the company when you visit their booth. Even if you are not there for an interview, some companies will welcome questions and discuss more about their company.
Even if you do not hear back from a company, we recommend visiting the company booth anyways to relay your interest. Some companies will set up interviews on the spot for those who visit their booth on the day of the event.

At Company Booths

Companies will be giving information sessions and interviews at their booths. There may be opportunities to speak with current employees to get a better picture about the job and company culture.

Interviewing at Company Booths

Companies hold first round interviews at their booths. Keep in mind this meeting may lead you to a second round of interviews!
If you have an interview appointment with a company, clearly state your name and interview appointment time when you approach the booth. Make sure to have your resume handy if companies request it.

Interview Rooms

Companies may choose to hold interviews in a more private setting and use the Interview Rooms. This may be a great opportunity to meet not only the hiring manager, but with engineers, managers and directors from other departments so make sure to be prepared to be asked questions on various topics.

Company Seminars

Instead of at the booth, some companies will hold seminars in the Seminar Room. It is recommended to attend seminars for companies of interest in order to get a better understanding about the company. Date and time of seminars being held in the Seminar Room will be available on CFN prior to the event.

Business Center

There will be PCs with internet access, printers, and copy machines available for you to check your email, print resumes, make photocopies, etc. This area may get crowded during the event so it is highly recommended to come prepared with all your necessary printouts.(Note: You will not be able to use the PCs/Printers at the registration desk to print your resume and other documents. Those PCs/Printers are for name badge and admission tickets only.)

Reference Area

To help you with your company research, companies will have their brochures/pamphlets available for you to pick up.


Companies may use this bulletin board to communicate with candidates and post interview results. Make sure to keep an eye on this bulletin board throughout the event.

Lunch Break

The food court and nearby restaurants may get crowded during peak lunch hours so make sure to plan your break accordingly. We recommend for you to bring sandwiches, muffins, nutrition bars, something you can snack on during your free time. Career Forums held in the US may have food stands available within the event hall.