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How to use the online interview function
(For online interview tips and etiquette, click here)
You can have online interviews via CFN. Invitation from companies to set up online interviews will be delievered to your My CFN inbox.
Setting up online interview
You will receive Invitation for online interview from companies to your My CFN inbox.
View the message and click on "Reserve an Online Interview."
Select the desired date/time.
The status of the desired date/time will change to "Reserved."
Changing your interview time
If you wish to change your interview time, go to "Application History / Manage Reservation" and click Change/Cancel for that interview.
Select a time that is still available.
Once the status changes to "Reserved," this will be your new interview time.
Start Interview
You can enter the interview room by logging in to My CFN, going to the "Application History/Manage Reservation" page and clicking "Start Interview" for the appointment that you have
You may need to download an app, so please check in advance.
CFN's recommended interview platform is V-CUBE, but companies may be using other platforms such as Zoom. Depending on which platform, you may need to download the app beforehand. The company may not state which platform they will be using in the online interview invitation. If using V-CUBE on a smartphone, you must download the app. Please download the app from below.

This is the screen for online interviews held on V-Cube. (It will display the date/time of interview) *Page only available in Japanese
We also recommend checking the contact information posted on the job description in case of any emergencies.
Please note that while there are some parts in the online interview function where you can switch the time zones displayed, the default time zone is Japan time.