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Benefits of Utilizing CFN Scout

No time? Make your resume public and just wait.

All you have to do is make your CFN resume public and wait for employers to contact you. It doesn’t matter how busy you are!

Scout e-mail is sent exclusively to you.

CFN Scout e-mail is never sent as bulk mail. Employers contact you after carefully reviewing your resume, meaning that the employers already know you are the best fit for the job at hand.

Companies search for you, expanding your job possibilities!

CFN Scout will directly connect your resume to hiring companies who search for qualified candidates. Your skills/experiences may be sought by companies/industries that you were not aware of, leading you to job opportunities that you may have not known were even possible.

Possibility of an interview right after receiving CFN Scout e-mail

Invitation for interviews, whether in-person or online, are often arranged as soon as you apply to the company, making it a speedy and efficient process for everyone!

Companies view only your skills & experience

Resumes viewed by hiring companies will only reveal the skills & experience section of your CFN resume. Contact information are not visible to hiring companies in CFN Scout, until you apply to them. You can also choose to block certain companies using CFN from viewing your resume.

Change Status of CFN Resume

Click [Edit] on the top right corner of CFN resume editing page.
Click the toggle button on “English Resume is private”, and then click “Save” when it turns green.
When you see “English Resume is public”, you're done!

How CFN Scout works

Become a CFN member and make your CFN resume public. Employers contact you after carefully reviewing your resume, meaning that the employers already know you are the best fit for the job at hand.
Make your CFN resume public on My CFN
Employer Finds your Resume
Employer sends you Scout E-mail
Apply, if interested
Interviews are arranged via online or face-to-face
You are hired!
Your privacy is important to us. Personal information such as name, e-mail, and address will not be displayed to employers. Company name in "Work Experience" can be blocked if you do not wish to reveal it. You may create PR comments, desired salary and any requirements or conditions that must be met as additional information. Select keywords that match your skills and background. Keywords are used by employers to search your resume on My CFN.

Employer Block

You can block your resume from being published to certain companies. CFN Scout hosts companies that are currently using CFN and companies that have used it in the past. Search for and set which companies you want to block.
*Please note:
Employers you do not find in the search can not be blocked. New employers are registering to CFN daily. It is recommended to periodically check for updates. The block function will no longer be effective if company names are changed in the CFN employer database (in case such as mergers, acquisitions, and etc.) Please be reminded to change your Block List.