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The first Career Forum was held in Boston in 1987. Over the years, our Career Forums have become staple tool to find jobs, not just for students who have study abroad experience but also for Japanese-English bilingual professionals.
Our events have expanded from Boston to Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka, and London, making it the prefect place for global companies to meet and connect with bilingual talent.

We also hold an online job hunting event for bilinguals around the world. No matter what stage of job hunting you are in, there's something for everyone through the online events.
You can watch company videos, participate in online seminars, apply to positions and even partake in online interviews. Plus, since everything is done online, you can participate from anywhere in the world.

With the possibility to meet and interview with many companies, take advantage of the opportunity and register now!

Osaka Career Forum 2024
45 companies now participating!
Boston Career Forum 2024
113 companies now participating!
Tokyo Summer Career Forum 2024
232 Companies Participated
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London Career Forum 2024
20 Companies Participated
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Los Angeles Career Forum 2024
42 Companies Participated
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Tokyo Winter Career Forum 2023
82 Companies Participated
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