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Boston CF X GlobalCareer.com Joint Seminar - Create your Self-PR, you still have time! -

Do any of the below sound like your situation?
I'm planning on going to Boston, but have not yet applied online.
I haven’t applied because my CFN resume is not ready yet.
I don’t know what to start for Boston CF?
How do you write a Self PR in 6,000 letters?

No worries! We are holding a seminar specifically on how to get your CFN resume ready, including the Self PR section. If you have not yet applied to companies, this is a seminar you can not miss. Participate in the seminar, get your CFN resume ready and be on step closer to landing that offer through Boston CF.
Date Time
10/8 (Sat.) 10:00 (US ET) / 7:00 (US PT) / 23:00 (JST)
10/9 (Sun.) 18:00 (US ET) / 13:00 (US PT) / 10/10 (Mon.) 7:00 (JST)
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