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RGF Professional Recruitment Japan is a global brand of RECRUIT Holdings, Japan and Asia’s leading recruiting and information service business and the fourth dominant market player worldwide. We specialize in recruiting bilingual professionals across all job functions and industry sectors. The RECRUIT brand and infrastructure positions RGF Professional at the forefront of the global recruitment sector, and is one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in the market. With over 45 offices across 11 countries, our growing presence allows us to partner with major clients on a regional and global basis.

Who We Are

Business Profile

The Recruiter of Choice

Founded in 2011, RGF Professional Recruitment Japan is the bilingual recruitment arm of the number one HR services company in Japan, Recruit Holdings. We grew from a 20-person business in 2015, to now being known as one of the top dominant market-players in the industry with 170 passionate and dedicated professionals in our Tokyo office as of August 2019. We specialize in mid-career recruitment for multinational companies or domestic businesses with a global outlook. We combine the power of the domestic Recruit brand with wide ranging international recruiting expertise, and a network of offices throughout Asia.

Vision / Mission

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision is to be the number one bilingual recruitment company in Tokyo, and to be the recruiter of choice for our clients and candidates. Our mission and promise is to enable the discovery of opportunities by providing consistently superior HR solutions, and to value and respect individuality and diversity while growing together as part of the global community. Integrity: We follow the highest standards of professional ethics, openness and honesty Kaizen: We proactively seek to improve ourselves and our service quality to exceed client expectations with forward-looking ideas Respect: We always treat others the way we would like to be treated Accountability: We take ownership and initiative in seizing opportunities, and honor our promises and commitments Teamwork: We are "One Team, One Dream" that gains strength from our professional, culture and geographic diversity Boldness: We are driven, ambitious, enthusiastic and adventurous, and we are not afraid to learn from failure Fun: We follow our heart to enjoy a fulfilling life with work that is meaningful

What We Do

Here at RGF Professional Recruitment Japan we try to keep things simple, in that we judge people on results. We invest and put trust in them to work hard and perform to their best, whilst working in a collaborative and supportive environment where we can flourish and grow together as a team. Our result-driven environment highlights our commitment to work hard and be ambitious, but the real icing on the cake is being able to celebrate and recognize each of our combined successes together through company-wide festivities and events, kick-off celebrations, and company/team trips abroad. We offer an international, mature, fun and friendly environment where you can work alongside motivated and passionate people, where we are all inspired to achieve success and don’t mind celebrating it! We know that if we utilize all the resources at our disposal and work together, we can continue to be the leading bilingual recruitment firm in Tokyo.

Work Environment

Work Atmosphere

A flexible and dynamic work place

RGF Professional Recruitment offers many benefits that make it an enjoyable place to work but one of the points we appreciate the most is the ability to make our own decisions. We have grown very quickly over the past 2 years but the decision-making freedom for consultants and managers has never changed. Since we work quite autonomously from our parent company, the direction of the team is always decided within the business. This means that team members can feel they have a say in how they work. The direction can be changed quickly and also decisions can be made in a very short space of time.

Work Atmosphere

A culture that equally promotes ambition as we do in having fun

People here at our company are very friendly, open and inviting and there’s a real sense of friendship and team-work embedded in the way we work. Everyone in the office has a hunger to help drive not only their career but also to help propel RGF to the next level and there’s a strong emphasis on not just individual achievements, but team, division and company achievements as well, and everybody has the passion and commitment to reach those goals together.

Office Environment and Culture

Diversity and Individuality

We have hired diversely and inclusively, hiring those with no recruitment background, joining us as a new graduate or mid-career professional with industry experience, all the way through to highly experienced recruitment consultants. Through this, we have been able to create a hodgepodge of consultants and an exciting and dynamic environment where we can collaborate with and learn from others every day. We embrace each other’s individuality and style and are able to work in an environment where we are free to operate in the way we see best fit.

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Hiroki Nakashige


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Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan