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How will the event format change?
Seminars and interviews will now all be held online. When companies will hold interviews will depend on the company. This year, there will be Online Live Seminars which will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 4 different times. The Online Live Seminars are open only to Boston Career Forum registrants, so please register in advance.
What are Online Live Seminars?
On certain Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, there will be several seminars such as company seminars, panel discussions, and keynote lectures that will be useful for not only company research but also your future career. Depending on the company, there may be a Q&A session, so you will be able to ask questions on the spot. This Online Live Seminar will be held 4 times through September to November. Registration for the seminars is not required but only Boston Career Forum registrants will be able to participate.

Online Live Seminar schedule:
1st Live: Sep. 9-11 (US ET)
2nd Live: Oct. 9-11 (US ET)
3rd Live: Oct. 23-25 (US ET)
Final Live: Nov. 6-8 (US ET)
How can I participate in Boston Career Forum ONLINE 2020?
To apply to companies or participate in the Online Live Seminars, event registration to Boston Career Forum ONLINE 2020 is required. We recommend that you register first, as registrants will receive the latest information about the event and information from companies about the application process.
Next, please create your CFN resume and check participating companies’ job postings. We recommend checking the participating companies list early on so that you will have time to learn about as many companies as possible.
Please apply actively to companies that you are interested in. Since there will not be actual interviews held at the event venue this year, there is a possibility that the selection process will proceed as soon as the application is submitted. After applying, the company will contact you about the next step.
There will also be Online Live Seminars through September to November. Seminars from participating companies, panel discussions, job hunting know-how seminars, etc. will be livestreamed so you will have an opportunity to learn more about the companies and job hunting.
When and how will interviews be conducted?
The date of the interview and how the interview will be conducted will vary by company. Most companies will conduct interviews using web conferencing tools (ex. Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, Webex, etc.). The company will contact applicants directly regarding the date of the interview and the method.
I heard that I can have online interviews through CFN. How does it work?
Companies currently participating in the Boston Career Forum ONLINE can conduct online interviews through CFN. An invitation email to schedule an interview will be sent to your My CFN inbox from the company. You can reserve your interview date and time directly from the invitation email. On the day of the interview, you can access the interview page from the My CFN menu “Application History/Manage Reservations” and clicking "Start Interview.”

Click here for how to use the online interview
Click here for tips and manners for online interviews
Are all participating companies on the “Participating Companies List”?
The company list will be updated as new companies sign up. We recommend that you check the participating companies list frequently, apply early, and continue job hunting.
Is there an opportunity to participate in company information sessions?
Whether the company will have information sessions or not, the style, the schedule, etc. will vary by company. First, check the company profile and job posting from “Participating Companies List”. Some companies will have live and on-demand seminars. Details will be posted later.
What is Livestream Replay?
Livestream replay is the recorded version of the Online Live Seminars. If you missed out on the Online Live Seminars, you will have a chance to watch the seminars again. However, since these are recorded versions, there will be no live Q&A session. Please note that not all companies participate in the livestream replay. A schedule will be available beforehand so you will be able to see which company seminars you will be able to view. Also, these are not on-demand and there will not be an archive. We recommend checking the timetable beforehand so you do not miss any seminars.

Livestream Replay schedule
1st Live Livestream Replay: Sep. 25-27 (US ET)
2nd Live Livestream Replay: Oct. 16-18 (US ET)
3rd Live Livestream Replay: Oct. 30 - Nov. 1 (US ET)
Final Live Livestream Replay: Nov. 13-15 (US ET)
Who can participate?
Possesses a minimum of beginner level in both Japanese and English and one of the following:
- Recent graduates or students currently enrolled in a Bachelor's or higher degree program (Master, MBA, Ph.D., etc.) outside of Japan or have study abroad experience outside of Japan
- Professionals with study abroad or work experience outside of Japan

Those who still have a while until graduation are also welcome to participate to find internships or conduct company research.
My study abroad has been canceled/postponed. Can I still participate?
The event qualification is as above (Q. Who can participate?), but those whose study abroad have been canceled/postponed due to COVID-19 can also participate.
What kind of positions are available?
There are various types of positions such as internships, full-time positions, and contract positions. You can apply from anywhere in the world. We recommend actively applying to companies. For more information, please see the job postings for each company.