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If you already have a company you are interested in, check out the “online company seminar.”

Companies host their own webinar via CFN covering topics about the company itself, its operations, atmosphere, as well as hold group discussions, workshops, and more.

Want to learn about multiple companies at once? Then join us on “CFN Live Online.”

A special online event full of information and insight you can only get here. Discover new companies and talk directly with employers. Network with other job seekers participating from across the world. Don’t miss out!

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Why participate in CFN Live Online?

  • Participating companies are actively recruiting global talents like you!
    Efficient way to get to know companies and industries. Visit company's "virtual" table and start talking.
  • Connect with other job seekers who have study abroad or overseas experience. Join tables based on graduation year, exchange/full-time student, and more!
  • CFN staff are available to answer questions about your job hunting!

Past CFN Live Online Participant Voices

  • I was able to listen to company explanations at random, which was useful for researching the industry. I was able to learn about companies I didn't know and broaden my horizons.

  • The free talk time with other job seekers helped me connect with others with similar backgrounds as well as interests in the same field/industry.

  • The 15 minutes short seminars were efficient in getting to know the main points about the company.

  • Able to freely visit company's table allowed me to familiarize myself talking to employers.

  • Learning about other industries opened up new opportunities.

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