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Kyoto Career Forum Special Seminar
Seminar Title Omron's Company Seminar - What kind of technical skilled talents thrives in the manufacturing industry?
July 8th(Thurs.)11:15 - 12:00(JST)

Omron's mission is "To improve lives and contribute to a better society."
In this seminar, employees who are at the forefront will share the challenges and rewarding aspects of Omron's innovations on resolving social issues.
Details regarding internships for 2023 graduates will also be shared.

*Seminar will be held in Japanese.
*Maximum 40 participants (first come first serve).
*This seminar will be held in the seminar room at Kyoto Keizai Center.
*A "join" button will be displayed on My CFN and on the seminar page, but you will actually be attending the seminar in-person.
*By participating in the seminar(or pressing the "Join" button), information submitted at the time of registration for this seminar will be provided to the company.
*The information provided to the company will be name, e-mail address, university name, major category, major, degree, and graduation date.
*Please sign up after agreeing to provide the above information.