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Kyoto Career Forum Special Seminar
Seminar Title Osaka Gas seminar: Overseas Expansion of Energy Infrastructure Business
July 8th(Thurs.)10:15 - 11:00(JST)@6-D on 6th floor

We will discuss what we do at Osaka Gas and how we are actively expanding into overseas businesses among domestic energy infrastructures.
We will also share details regarding our internship for those graduating in 2023.

*Seminar will be held in Japanese.
*Maximum 40 participants (first come first serve).
*This seminar will be held in the seminar room at Kyoto Keizai Center.
*A "join" button will be displayed on My CFN and on the seminar page, but you will actually be attending the seminar in-person.
*By participating in the seminar(or pressing the "Join" button), information submitted at the time of registration for this seminar will be provided to the company.
*The information provided to the company will be name, e-mail address, university name, major category, major, degree, and graduation date.
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