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Food Manufacturing

Company PR

Nippon Shokken U.S.A. Inc. is a company that manufactures and distributes sauce and seasonings for commercial use. We utilize the know-how of our parent company Nihon Shokken, a leading sauce and seasoning manufacturer in Japan in order to meet the growing demand of Japanese cuisine, international expansion of companies and to satisfy the needs of a diversifying palate in the US market. Since the establishment and operation of the production facility in 2013, we have been fortunate to experience continuous growth. We are looking for motivated professionals to assist with our endeavors and become candidates for management positions. We are committed to providing an excellent product throughout the US market, and look forward for an opportunity to work with you.

Who We Are

Business Profile

What we do

Nippon Shokken U.S.A. Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Nihon Shokken Holdings Co., Ltd. (Japan).  Our primary business is manufacturing and distributing sauces and seasonings for commercial use. In 2006, we were incorporated as a U.S. company. By establishing our Head Office and Plant in West Sacramento, CA in 2013, we started production of sauces and seasonings. Our products are distributed in the U.S., Canada and Central and South America through our 6 sales office locations to the customers in retail or foodservice industries.

Corporate Philosophy

Success in business provides society limitless happiness.

Our accomplishments are directly linked to the happiness and gratitude of our customers, suppliers and communities through cooking and food, allowing us to contribute to society. More than anything else, we are proud of our accomplishments for providing happiness to society.

Vision / Mission

Two Main Themes

1. We shall contribute to the ever-growing culture of food. Our mission is to develop the three areas of “Cooking”, “Providing” and “The Joy of Eating” by providing the finest food as we contribute to society as the “Coordinator of Food Culture.” 2. We create an infinite value of blended seasonings With our seasonings, we provide “deliciousness” and “convenience” to our clients. Adding value to the dishes and providing joy to those who cook and to those who eat. The seasonings we provide is beyond a simple ingredient for a dish, but an integral essence that supports the food culture to become more delicious and more convenient.

What We Do

■Outside Sales ・Selling products to distributors, supermarkets, chain restaurants and food processors. ・Scheduling, making appointments, visiting customers, taking and processing orders and collecting balances. ・90% travel in the area, 10% desk work. 3-4 days travel out of state once per month or more. ・Marketing  ・Reviewing your own sales performance, aiming to meet or exceed targets. ・Preparing and sales effort (making samples for customers, planning business trip). ・Maintaining & developing relationships with new & existing customers. ・Other duties are assigned.

Work Environment

HRD System


Paid Time Off (Vacation/Floating Holidays/etc) Paid Sick Leave Medical (PPO) Dental Vision Life Insurance (AD&D) Paid Holidays 401k

Company Information

Year Founded

September 5, 2006


West Sacramento, CA 95691


Seigo Horiuchi, CEO


7 million

Annual Sales

20.5 million *2018年度

Number of Employees
111 *2020年1月7日現在
(as of 2020/01)
Office Locations

Head Office (West Sacramento, CA) San Francisco Sales Office (Hayward, CA) Los Angeles Branch (Torrance, CA) Houston Sales Office (Houston, TX) Chicago Sales Office (Schaumburg, IL) New York Branch (Englewood Cliffs, NJ) Florida Sales Office (Orland, FL)*New open around April 2020 日本食研ホールディングス株式会社(グループ本社)の情報 本社所在地 Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture Japan 設立 February 13,1973 資本金 40.56 million yen (Group total) 売上高 112 billion yen (Group total)*2018年9月期 代表者 Kazuhiko Ozawa, Chairman & CEO 従業員数 4,615 (Group total)*2019年4月1日現在 事業所 337 locations (298 locations in Japan, 39 locations in 8 countries overseas) 10 plants (6 plants in Japan, 4 plants overseas) ホームページ