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March 23 (Sat.) & 24 (Sun.) , 2024

What you need to know about LA Career Forum

The Career Forum is a job fair where multiple interviews are conducted at the event, which leads to possibly receiving an offer by the end of the event. For those outside of Japan seeking a career in Japan, information and opportunities can be limited. For this reason, the Career Forum serves multiple purposes such as a place to interview with companies, learn about companies/industries, familiarize oneself with the job hunting process and more. Especially the Los Angeles Career Forum, unlike the other Career Forums, offers a Job Hunting Preparation Series that is useful even for those who have just started job hunting. Bilinguals from a wide range of backgrounds, from 1st/2nd year students to those changing careers, all participate in the Career Forum to take advantage of the opportunities available!
Who Participates?
Don't need to be graduating to attend!
In addition to those participating seeking full-time positions, first- and second-year students who have not yet graduated also participate to utilize the job hunting preparation series and the opportunity to talk directly with companies. About half of the participants are third-year students (first-year graduate students) who will begin job hunting starting in the summer!
An event for all backgrounds!
Some positions do require specific major/skill background, but others welcome all backgrounds. That is the feature of the Career Forum. Past participants from a variety of majors/background took advantage of the Career Forum to see what opportunities were available, and seek positions not just related to their majors.
Not only for Bachelors, Masters and other degree seekers participate!
In Japan, because a large number of new graduates are hired at one time, it is often thought that only positions for undergraduates are available at the Career Forum. However, there are also U.S. positions and positions for work experience available at LA. This is an opportunity to speak directly with company representatives and find a company where you can utilize your expertise at any career level you are at.
Experienced professionals participate too!
It is normal for new graduates to have no work experience, so this is your opportunity to challenge oneself in positions you want to pursue! At LA Career Forum, you are able to talk at length with company representatives, which is why those with work experience participate and find their next career path at LA, utilizing their existing skills and experiences.
What are the steps candidates and companies take before/during the Career Forum?
Do candidates apply to companies before the event?
Are companies screening before the Career Forum?
Did you visit the companies during the event that did not respond back to you?
What do you value when applying? Top 3
Job Description
71.4 %
Chance to work overseas
42 %
Company Culture
41 %
The Career Forum is unique in that the event is not just information sessions, but companies do conduct multiple interview which may lead to job offers by the end of the event.

In order to move along the interview process, one must apply online. Because companies can not start the screening process until you apply, more than half of the participants applied in advance. Since online interviewing is becoming more common these days, companies are conducting resume screening, web testing, and online interviewing in advance of the event.

However, since it is difficult to screen all candidates in advance, companies also accept walk-ins (no appointment) so that you can interview on the day of the event. Even if you apply in advance and do not receive a response does not mean you are not qualified! Past participants also prepare for the Career Forum and visit the companies to which they have applied with their resumes on the day of the event.
What happens after the event?
Received an offer or still in progress
Companies that continue the interview process after the event
Companies that are unable to complete the interview process in two days continue even after the event. 60% of the participants either received job offers during the event or are still waiting to hear back from companies.
Voices from Participants
I often proceeded to an interview immediately after the info sessions. Rather than a typical interview, I was able to talk frankly with even the management level staff, and I thought that such an opportunity would not be possible in Japan.
I was able to proceed with the interview process on the spot.
By being able to have a casual conversation with the employers, I was able to see how the company's working environment was like.
I was able to learn more about the atmosphere of the company.
I was able to talk with many of the company representatives and could see what my future would be like.