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April 16 (Sat.) - April 17 (Sun.), 2022

Only at LA! Series of activities to help you with your job search!

Are you worried about your job search? Need advice from others? At the LA Career Forum, you have the opportunity to sign up for several activities to help you along. *The following will be held in Japanese, except for career advising.
Interview Prep Seminar
First, join us for a short seminar on interviewing tips before the Career Forum even begins! 30 minutes before the start of the Career Forum, CFN staff with extensive experience as a recruiter will share with you interview tips that can be used that day.
4/16 (Sat.) @ 9:30AM / 4/17 (Sun.) @ 9:30AM
Below are other activities that you can participate in. Some may require sign up beforehand so make sure to sign up early!

Mock Interview

Common at Career Forums, experience a 5-10 minute interview. You will be tested on how you can share about yourself as well as land the next interview in this short time. You will also receive feedback from the interview as well.

Resume Review

How to make your resume shine! CFN will review your Japanese resume and give feedback. Sign up to get your resume reviewed at Headquarter (HQ). First-come, first-serve.

Career Advising

Have questions or concerns about your job search? Reserve a time slot to get your questions answered. Advising will be conducted in English or Japanese per request.

Prep for Boston CF Seminar

Key to job search is starting early. Learn what you can do before the Boston CF in the fall so you will be one step ahead of others! As the organizer of the Boston CF, CFN will share insight and episodes of how jobseekers and companies in the past have proceeded through this 3 day event.
April 17 (Sun.) 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Workshop (Case Study, Self Analysis)

Case Study

Case study is a given when applying to consulting companies. But it has been incorporated into interview process with other industries as well. So you may come upon it once through your job hunting process. Through this workshop, you will learn the story of why companies use case studies, what you should know beforehand, and sample of the common types of case studies. Even beginners can take advantage of this workshop.
April 16 (Sat.) 3:00PM - 4:00PM @ Seminar area

Self Analysis

Self-analysis is an important part of the job hunting process. It is a chance to get to know who you are and what great values you have that you want to let others know. Through this workshop, find your strengths and weaknesses, organize your thoughts and ideas, and let CFN assist you to utilize these values to find the company that best fits you and land that offer.
April 17 (Sun.) 3:00PM - 4:00PM @ Seminar area