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What kind of event is CFN Online?
It is a job hunting event where everything from participating in seminars to having interviews can all be done online. Only those who are registered are able to participate in the seminars, apply to positions and partake in interviews, so please register to CFN Online first.
What is Live Session Day?
A special feature on CFN Online where many of the companies will be holding seminars during this particular day. Special content including career seminars will also be available. This is your chance to efficiently participate in various company seminars and talk directly with recruiters in just one day.

There will be several live sessions for different targeted audience, so please check the CFN Online page periodically.

Live Session Day schedule
March 18 (JST)
March 20 (JST) * Specifically for candidates who are STEM majors and/or have a STEM background
How can I participate in CFN Online?
First register to CFN Online. Registering grants you access to apply to companies, participate in company seminars, and receive the latest information about the event as well as company’s application process. Next, please create your CFN resume and check participating companies’ job postings. Having a completed CFN resume allows you to easily apply to companies. Check the list of participating companies frequently to give you ample time to know the companies. We recommend that you actively apply to companies that you are interested in.

Since there will not be actual interviews held at an event venue, there is a possibility that the selection process will proceed as soon as you submit your application. Once you apply, the company will contact you directly about the next step.

Additionally, by registering, you will be able to participate in the Live Session Day.
When and how are interviews conducted?
The date of the interview and how the interview will be conducted will vary by company. Most companies will conduct interviews using web conferencing tools (ex. Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, Webex, etc.). The company will contact applicants directly regarding the date of the interview and the method.
I heard that I can have online interviews through CFN. How does it work?
Companies currently participating in CFN Online Spring can conduct online interviews through CFN. An invitation to schedule an interview will be sent to your My CFN inbox from the company. You can reserve your interview date and time directly from the invitation. On the day of the interview, you can access the interview page from the My CFN menu “Application History/Manage Reservations” and clicking "Start Interview.”

Click here for how to use the online interview
Click here for tips and manners for online interviews
Are all participating companies on the “Participating Companies List”?
The company list will be updated as new companies sign up. We recommend that you check the participating companies list frequently and apply early. Depending on the number of applications they receive, companies may close their application earlier than expected.
Is there an opportunity to participate in company information sessions?
Whether the company will have information sessions or not, the style, the schedule, etc. will vary by company. First, check the company profile and job posting from “Participating Companies List.” Some companies will have online seminars and/or informational videos. Details will be posted later.
Who can participate?
Japanese-English bilingual and one of the following:
- Graduated from or currently enrolled in a Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. program outside of Japan
- Enrolled in a Japanese university and have/had study abroad experience (eg. exchange program)
- Currently in Japan, but have experience living abroad
- Mid-career professionals with study or work abroad experience

Participating just to learn more about companies and for internship opportunities are also welcomed.
What kind of positions are available?
Positions will include full time positions as well as internships. With various opportunities available, we recommend actively applying to companies. For more information, please see the job postings for each company.