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September 14th (Sat.) & 15th (Sun.), 2019
Job Fair @ Singapore for positions in Japan. Chance to get job offers from Japanese and Global companies.

infoEvent Information

September 14th (Sat.) & 15th (Sun.), 2019
Singapore EXPO (MAX Atria 2F Garnet Hall)
1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150

timetableTime Schedule

September 14th (Sat.)
Registration begins
Hall opens
Registration ends
Booths, Interview rooms close

September 15th (Sun.)
Registration begins
Hall opens
Registration ends
Booths, Interview rooms close

targetQualifications to Participate

Students or graduates from university in Asia-Pacific area who:
  • Are English speakers majored in Engineering, IT, etc.
  • Have majored or studied Japanese language in university (both technical & non-technical background)
  • Have experience studying at university in Japan (course delivered in Japanese or English course)
  • Are Japanese nationals currently studying abroad

Participating companies list

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Travel Scholarship

Register to this Career Forum to get a chance to receive travel scholarship.
Candidates who passed the selection process will receive scholarship to cover their travel expenses to Singapore (Up to 400 SGD). Scholarship amount varies based on place of residence and background. Scholarship will be given at the end of the event.
Scholarship Selection Process
Register to this career forum to automatically be eligible for selection process.
Candidates will be invited for Skype interview.
(Selection process will be based on your CFN resume)
Candidates who passed Skype interview will be contacted by e-mail.
Selection Period
1. May 1st (Wed.) – June 28th (Fri.)
2. July 15th (Mon.) – August 16th (Fri.)
* Selection will be by Skype interview. Passing candidates will be contacted by email.

Free food/drinks during the event!Lunch

Free lunch is served in the event hall. (Halal foods are also available). Visit as many company booths as possible on the event day.

Preparation for Working in Japan

Before Career Forum:
  • Complete resume
  • Apply to companies
  • Schedule interviews
Participate Career Forum:
  • Visit company booths
  • Go to interviews
After Career Forum:
  • Interviews (Second - final interview, by Skype or at company office)
  • Receive job offer
  • Apply for visa
  • Prepare for flight to Japan
Candidates companies look for
  • Candidates who can work using Japanese
    Companies are looking for candidates who can work with Japanese clients using Japanese and understand their needs, regardless of their Japanese fluency.
  • Candidates with Bachelor Degree or higher
    Companies are looking for candidates who studied Japanese language and other major, and also candidates who are already graduated or expected to graduate within a year.
  • Candidates able to work in a team
    Work inside Japanese companies is often done in teams, demanding candidates with other team members coming from various backgrounds.
Voice of Hiring Manager in a Japanese Company
Our company is looking to expand its business in South East Asia, and we are looking to hire candidates who are able to work with local partners and also in teams with member from various backgrounds to come up with new business ideas. What we want to know from candidates are, why do they want to work with us and how they want to expand their career within the company. After entering company, candidates are given Japanese language and team work training to be core member of South East Asia operations.
Voice of Foreign Employee in a Japanese Company
I came from Indonesia 5 years ago, and started working in Japan. I attended work training with other employees. At first, I was not sure about my Japanese skill, however, I slowly picked up business Japanese during training. At work, I am working with employees from other teams to work on projects in Japan, and using English when there is business trip overseas. On weekends, I usually go to Akihabara or travel around Japan. When there is problem outside work, I still can ask my coworkers for help.
Living in Japan has its own challenges such as sudden season changes, food and Tokyo’s fast paced working environment. But with help from company and my friends, my life in Japan marked 5 years already.
Q.I already have work experience, can I attend this event?
A.Yes, candidates with work experience are welcome to attend this event.
Q.Can I receive job offer at the event?
A.Yes, to make the selection process go smoothly, we recommend you to apply for positions and book your interview before the event.
Q.When can I start working?
A.Companies may adjust your starting date based on your graduation date / availability.
Q.Where will I be working at?
A.It depends on each company’s opening position, however most companies will offer Japan-based position, with a possibility to be transferred to ASEAN branch in the future.
Q.How much Japanese skill is required?
A.It depends on companies. Some companies offer interview in English.

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