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Singapore Career Forum 2020 ONLINE
Singapore Career Forum 2020 ONLINE
Until September 13th (Sun), 2020
Apply ONLINE for positions to work in Japan!
Chance to get job offers from Japanese and Global companies from anywhere in the world!
To prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), Singapore Career Forum 2020 has been changed to “Singapore Career Forum 2020 ONLINE”
  • The event will not be held at Singapore EXPO [9/12 (Sat), 13 (Sun)]
  • You can check company and recruitment information on this page until September 13th (Sun.) 5:00 PM (Japan Time)
  • You can send your application online until September 13th (Sun.)
  • The selection process and application deadline for company seminars/interviews conducted will vary by company.
  • Those who have already registered for “Singapore Career Forum 2020” do not need to re-register. You can continue using your CFN resume and application history.

targetQualifications to Participate

Students or graduates from university in Asia-Pacific area who:
  • Are English speakers majored in Engineering, IT, or other technical majors
  • Have majored or studied Japanese language in university (both technical & non-technical background)
  • Have experience studying at university in Japan (course delivered in Japanese or English course)
  • Are Japanese nationals currently studying abroad

Voice of candidates who received job offer from Singapore Career Forum 2019

Julita / Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)
First, I didn’t suppose that I could join an interview in the career forum. Start from join and follow the rules and regulations. I could experience that I had on a career forum. Such as what should we prepare for the interview and what should give attention to in an interview.
From my experiences, the first thing we should prepare for the interview is a language, especially when you desire to work in a Japanese company, excepting English, at least you understand and could interact with Japanese although a few. Practice an interview before we get an interview with the company is important. It would make you know your mistake and could improve about yourself. Giving attention when we interview with a company is needed. Greetings and politeness are important when we do the interview. Do not be too nervous while doing the interview. It would make broke the concentration even make we could not focus on the question that we got from the company while interview. That is all about my experience. Don’t give up on seeking a job. 頑張ってください!
Raka / University of Indonesia
If you are interested in Working in Japan, it’s better if you learn the language. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to improve your Japanese as much as possible because it would become an appealing point to the recruiters, especially if you are not a Japanese language major student. My advice if you are not confident in your Japanese, prepare answers in advance for typical interview questions such as self introduction, your educational background, your strengths and weaknesses, why do you want to work in Japan, why do you want to work for a company that you are applying to, your career plan, etc. Prepare the answer in Japanese, and try to practice those answers until you are comfortable with it. After that, try to find the matching points between the skills that you have, or your career interest, with the recruiter’s needs for the position that you are applying to, and sell those matching points during the interview. Lastly, do some research about Japanese Interview. Japan has a different way to do an interview. For example: dress code, interview manners, body language, you cannot become friendly with the interviewer, you cannot go out of topic during the interview, and many more.


Q.What will happen to the event format?
A.There will be no information sessions/interviews held at the venue (Singapore EXPO). The selection process, from application to interviews will be done online.
Q.Can I receive a travel scholarship for this year's event?
A.There will be no travel scholarship provided for this year, since the event is held online and candidates do not need to travel to Singapore.
Q.When and how will interviews be conducted?
A.The date of the interview and how the interview will be conducted will vary by company. Most companies will conduct interviews using web conferencing tools (ex. Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, Webex, etc.). The company will contact applicants directly regarding the date of the interview and the method.
Q.Are all participating companies on the “Participating Companies List”?
A.The company list will be updated as new companies sign up. We recommend that you check the participating companies list frequently, apply early, and continue job hunting.
Q.Is there an opportunity to participate in company information sessions?
A.Whether the company will have information sessions or not, the style, the schedule, etc. will vary by company. First, check the company profile and job posting from “Participating Companies List”.
Q.What kind of positions are available?
A.There are various Japan-based positions to apply, mainly as a full-time employee. You can apply from anywhere in the world. Companies are understanding of students’ current situations and are more flexible, so we recommend actively applying to companies. For more information, please see the job postings for each company.