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#{button_name} For details on participation, please check the e-mail CFN will send to applicants on November 25 (Japan time).
(Participation on the day of the event will be via the URL provided in the e-mail.)
Time(JST) Title Description
9:00-9:10 Orientation Welcome and Introductions
9:10-10:40 Time-Slot Based Session Participants have 15-minute sessions per time with 5 different companies.
*5 companies for each participant are selected by CFN staff.
10:40-11:10 Networking Time for Companies & Participants Participants can converse with any companies freely.
*No time-slot for this time.
11:10-12:00 Networking Time for Participants Participants can interact each other.
On-the-spot career advice is also available.
*No time-slot for this time.

Participating Companies

ACTIS Corporation / Digital Garage, Inc. / EXEO Digital Solutions, Inc. / Genky Drug Stores / HIPUS Co., Ltd. / INTRIX / Ippuukishi.ltd / IWATANI CORPORATION / Japan Broadcasting Corporation / kaonavi, inc. / Koki Holdings Co.,Ltd. / LUMICA CORPORATION / MAHLE GROUP (JAPAN) / OPHTECS Holdings Ltd. / Randstad / Relo Group / SEIKO WATCH / Sony Network Communications Inc. / TRANCOM CO., LTD. / YUPO CORPORATION

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