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DENKA Corporation

Sales and Marketing of Chemical Products

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Our Corporate Philosophy "The Denka Value": The Denka Value consists of the Denka Mission and the Denka Principles. Denka mission Taking on the challenge of expanding the possibilities of chemistry to create new value and contribute to Society. Note: Based on the corporate slogan “Possibility of chemistry.” Denka Principles We: 1. Boldly confront challenges with determination and sincerity. 2. Think and take action today with the future in mind. 3. Deliver new values, and inspire customers through innovative monozukuri*. 4. Respect the environment and create a cheerful workplace that prioritizes safety. 5. Contribute to a better society, whilst taking pride in being a trusted corporate citizen. *Japanese-style craftsmanship

Who We Are

Business Profile

Denka Corporation is established to support for Denka Group business in Americas.

Denka Corporation participated through our parent company - Denka Company Limited in Japan in Boston Career Forum 2017. Denka Corporation is a wholly-owned US subsidiary of Denka Company Limited in Japan. Denka Corporation has 3 locations - New York, California and Louisiana. Denka Corporation's HQ Office is located in NY; CA location is supporting Sales and Marketing for Electronic Products, and Healthcare products for Denka Seiken. Denka Seiken is a wholly-owned Japan subsidiary of Denka Company Limited in Japan. Denka Seiken has US branch in California. Louisiana Branch is supporting Sales and Marketing for Polychloroprene and Neoprene Products for Denka Performance Elastomer. Denka Performance is a 70% owned US subsidiary of Denka Company Limited in Japan.


What We Do

Denka VALUE-up: Growth Vision (1)Become a Specialty-Fusion Company with a Strong Global Presence Become a company that boasts outstanding global competitiveness backed by a robust portfolio of specialty business and products along with its technological strength and human resource capabilities. (2)Maintain Sustainable Growth by Significantly Enhancing Productivity through Innovative Processes Strive to archive a drastic improvement in productivity and, to this end, focus on truly essential operations and introduce innovative processes through the utilization of IoT, AI and other cutting-edge digital technologies, thereby securing ability to secure sustained growth regardless of external conditions. (3)Secure sound Growth through Work Style Reforms Develop a working environment that is inclusive of diverse working styles, with the aim of better collaborating with employees to pursue stakeholder happiness and to ensure sound corporate growth.


Work Environment

Company Qualities

Our Value:

・Support the activities of entire Denka Group in the Global business world to realize Denka Value. ・Contribute to the local community. ・Aim for a green society considering the global environment. ・Safety is Always top priority. ・Challenge to difficulties for a realization of Value-Up. ・Customer satisfaction including counter part at denka. (Person from other organization is Client.) . ・Never forget Denka’s DNA. ・Seek the best solution beyond the box. ・Have big picture and never abandon from the strong will to improve the company ・Ever evolving


HRD System


Medical, Dental,Vision, Life and Short Term Disability Insurance, Vacation/Sick Days, 401 (K) Plan

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Denka Corporation 780 Third Avenue, 8th Floor New York, NY 10017


Kei Hara

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(as of 2018/01)
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Denka Corporation California Office 2540 North First Street, Suite 290 San Jose, CA 95131 Denka Corporation Louisiana Office 560 Highway 44 LaPlace, LA 70068