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General Contractor

Company PR

Shimizu North America is a branch of Shimizu Corporation that trains employees to think for themselves, discover issues and solutions, and embody the necessary know-how and principles to be able to expound on the way monozukuri craftsmanship should be. We are looking for candidates who are interested in practical training in design and construction management while handing down the spirit and technique of monozukuri craftsmanship while taking on new challenges at the same time.

Who We Are

Business Profile

Today's Work, Tomorrow's Heritage

Shimizu North America is part of Shimizu Corporation's International division. We pride ourselves on our ability to be an industry pioneer while bringing the Shimizu idea of monozukuri craftsmanship to our North America clients. Our employees possess an enterprising spirit, embrace challenges while taking on the challenge of new tasks and technical development. We pride ourselves on meeting construction deadlines after solving various issues all while maintaining good quality and delivering the product to the customer. To us this is the basic concept of monozukuri craftsmanship.


Corporate Philosophy

"Rongo to Soroban" ("The Analects of the Abacus")

At Shimizu our fundamental philosophy is that profits are a result of an integrity-based approach to building worthy structures that meet customer needs. We believe that Building with integrity and realizing a sustainable society as fundamental to the future. Our 5 Basic Principles of Management are: 1. Socio-dynamism: Creating superior quality structures and promoting social and cultural values that are in harmony with the environment, all the while working to protect the environment and contribute to culture. 2. Humanity: We cultivate a workplace environment in which employees can work in comfort and with a sense of purpose and motivation. 3. Innovation: We tirelessly work to advance corporate growth through business expansion, sales activities, research and development, and innovations in business and management. Both employees and management tackle their duties with a spirit of positive innovation. 4. Market-In: We always think and act from the customer's perspective. Providing what the customer needs enables us to earn a fair return. 5. Zeal: We bring a sense of passion to everything we do.


Vision / Mission

Becoming a Smart Solutions Company

Our objective is to grow constantly with society as a leader in creating environments in which people can live in comfort and security. At Shimizu we are relentlessly pursuing the development of sustainable structures and a sustainable society while maintaining our focus on the construction business. Our goal is to serves as a "Smart Solutions Company" that reliably produces value surpassing customer expectations. We seek to grow alongside society by focusing on our core construction business, the building of reliable, long-lived structures, and the promotion of social sustainability. We want Shimizu to be a company capable of creating value that surpasses customer expectations.


What We Do

For more than 30 years, Shimizu North America has been contracting for building and other construction works including process line installation, investigation, planning, research, evaluation, diagnosis, soil investigation, surveying, design, equipment procurement, supervision, management and consulting in connection with construction works in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Work Environment

Work Environment

Japanese and American Workplace Culture Combined

Shimizu North America takes pride in being a company that has a work atmosphere not generally seen in the USA. We are a perfect blend of Japanese and American business culture. From casual Friday to sushi lunches to celebrate new projects we are the best of both worlds.


HRD System

Training Programs

Online Training, Tuition Reimbursement, On the job Training

Internal Support System

Our International Division and Shimizu Corporation are our internal support system.


Health, Dental, Vision, Disability, Life, Flextime Scheduling, Paid Holidays, Paid Vacation and Paid Sick Days.

Career Paths

Opportunity to become part of Shimizu Corporation International Division.

Company Information

Year Founded

Shimizu Corporation - 1804 Shimizu North America LLC. (Formerly Shimizu America Corporation) - 1981


Shimizu North America LLC- Atlanta, Georgia


President & CEO: Takeo Yoshigi COO: Andrew Pendlington



Annual Sales

2015 $156mil 2016 $213mil 2017 $93mil

Number of Employees
(as of 2018/03) Full-time
Office Locations

Atlanta, Georgia New York City, New York