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March 30th (Sat.), 2019


Job Placement
Job Placement
With the cooperation from recruiting companies, positions other than ones from participating companies will be introduced to you. You can receive consultation on the spot and be introduced to more positions from several recruiting companies. Currently, ACTUS CONSULTING GROUP INC., STS Innovation, Inc. (STS Career), Pasona N A, Inc., and Quick USA, Inc. are participating. Stop by the “Job Placement Area” to expand your career possibilities.
Career Advising
Career Advising
A one-on-one career advising session with CFN staff for anyone who has questions regarding job searching, especially those who have just started.

For career advice not related to job searching through CFN and Career Forum, you can also sign up to speak to the following career consultant.

Hitoe Matsuda
CCSP(Certified Career Services Provider) GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator)
Over 10 years of experience in US/Japan recruiting and employee training as an HR Manager at a Japanese manufacturing company and is currently working as an independent career/hr consultant.

Registration is required for both. Please let us know your available times from here.
At the candidate lounge, you will be able to network with company representatives and fellow job seekers in a more casual setting. At 12:30, there will be a light lunch, at 2:30, there is coffee break, and at 4:00, there is happy hour. For each networking opportunity, there will be light snacks, coffee and drinks, as well as alcohol during happy hour. Please be sure to bring your ID if you are planning to participate in the happy hour.
Q.What is Happy Hour?
A.It’s an opportunity to network with company representatives and fellow job seekers in a more casual setting at the candidate lounge. Alcohol will be available, so please bring your ID if are planning to participate.
Q.Can anyone participate?
A.As long as you have some level of Japanese and English language ability and are legally eligible to work in the U.S., you are welcome to attend. This includes students who possess an OPT visa or expect to by December 2019.
Q.Is there a cost to attend?
A.There is no cost to register or attend the Career Forum
Q.Is there a dress code?
A.For the U.S. Career Forum, business casual is recommended. Suite attire is not required.
Q.I want to attend the Career Forum, but can I attend without prior registration?
A.It is possible to register at the Career Forum on the day of the event, but we recommend you to be registered prior. By registering before the event, you will receive event details via email as well as spend less time at registration and a smoother check in.
Q.Can I attend/leave during the middle of the event?
A.Once you check in at registration, you are able to leave and enter freely that day. To re-enter the venue, you will need to wear your lanyard with the ticket inside that you received at check-in.
Q.What do I need to participate?
A.Please register for the Career Forum first. Once you have completed registration, please proceed with applying to companies of interest. By applying to companies online, you may be able to set up appointments prior to the event and utilize your time more efficiently at the Career Forum. You will need to check in at registration every day of the event. You can use the CFN app or print the admission ticket.
Q.What is the CFN app?
A.It is an app that is necessary when attending the Career Forum. It is a useful tool to use on event day: you can check in with the app, check company information as well as seminar and interview appointments. Download the app from here:
AppStore GooglePlay
Q.Is there any sort of financial support to attend?
A.Yes. We are pleased to offer Attendance Support/Travel Scholarship to qualified candidates to help them take advantage of the opportunities at the Career Forum. Please view details here. There is an application deadline, so be sure to submit your application in a timely manner.
Q.I’d like to cancel my registration because I can no longer attend.
A.There is no need to cancel your event registration. If you have already scheduled an interview with a company, please let that company know.
Q.How should I apply to participating companies?
A.First, you can view all participating companies’ hiring information from the “Participating Companies List” page. Companies accepting applications will have “Accepting Application” above their name. You can easily apply using your CFN resume. By applying online prior to the event, you’ll increase your chances of scheduling interviews.
Q.Do all participating companies accept applications online?
A.Companies accepting application will have “Accepting Applications” above their company name on the participating companies list. For companies without “Accepting Application” above their company name, they either have not started accepting applications yet, they are not accepting applications online, or application deadline has passed. Most companies will start accepting applications as soon as it is ready, so be sure to frequently check the page. If a company is not accepting online applications, visit their booth with your resume in hand. The deadline to apply for the position is posted in the job description, so check the date and apply as soon as possible. At the booth, you are able to directly speak to company representatives, so we recommend visiting their booth regardless of whether or not you have applied online.
Q.Should I apply to companies online prior to the event?
A.We recommend applying to companies online because it is an opportunity to show your interest in that company. Depending on the company, some conduct phone or online interviews before the event with applicants or contact you to set up appointments for an interview for the event day.
Q.Can I still visit the booth if I don't hear back from a company?
A.Yes. Even if you did not hear back from a company after applying online, that doesn't mean you are not qualified. There is a possibility to have interviews on the day of the event via walk-ins, so please visit the booth. More than half of past participants visited the booth as walk-ins on event day even if they did not hear back from companies.
Q.Do I need a resume?
A.Even if you do not plan to have interview, we recommend that you still have resumes prepared both in English and Japanese is possible. There may be times when you unexpectedly need a resume so we recommend bringing plenty of copies.
Q.Should I use the CFN resume of the one I created myself?
A.It is possible to print out the CFN resume, but with a resume you create yourself, you will be able to choose a format and layout that emphasizes your strengths and experiences. For Japanese resumes, it does not matter if it’s handwritten or typed out. If attaching a picture there is no place near the venue where you can take/print your photo, so please bring extra. Although it is optional to attach a picture, it makes it easier for companies to remember your face, so we recommend you to have it just in case.
Q.Do I need a job history record?
A.If you are an experienced professional looking to change jobs, and using a Japanese resume, we recommend bring it with you so that you will be able to further sell yourself by showcasing your experiences. It is not necessary to translate your English resume into Japanese.
Q.Is there a place where I can check my coat and bags?
A.There is a coat check available to check your coat and bags, including suitcases. The coat check at the U.S. Career Forum is free of charge.
Q.Is there a place to print resumes?
A.There is a business center inside the event hall. A few PCs, printers, and a copy machine are available for you to use free of charge, so if you wish to check your email, print or edit your resume, please use the business center. Printers and copy machines can only print black and white, one-sided, and letter size. Because numbers are limited, you may have to wait in line to use them.
Q.Is there free Wi-Fi?
A.Yes, there is free Wi-Fi.
Q.Can I borrow scissors or glue?
A.You will be any to borrow items such as scissors or glue from the Office Supply area next to the Headquarters inside the event hall.
Q.Are there any places to eat and drink inside the venue?
A.To provide networking opportunities with both companies and fellow job seekers, there will be lunch, coffee breaks and a happy hour available during the event. For the times, please view the top page from here. There is also cafes and restaurants near the venue.
Q.I lost something. Where should I go?
A.Please check Headquarters during the event to see if anything has been reported. Sometimes items may be reported to the venue (The Altman Building). If your item is not at Headquarters, please contact the venue directly.
Q.Can I cancel my Attendance Support/Travel Scholarship application?
A.You cannot cancel, edit, or re-submit the Attendance Support application. However, if you need to make corrections, contact CFN with the corrections and we will forward it to the representative.
Q.If I get selected for the Attendance Support/Travel Scholarship, what do I need to do?
A.All materials necessary for being selected are clearly stated on the Attendance Support/Travel Scholarship page, so please check the page for details.