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Q. What is U.S. Career Forum Online?
A.All positions posted on U.S. Career Forum Online are in the U.S. and for those legally eligible to work in the U.S.
Q.What is different about U.S. Career Forum Online?
A.A new way to find your career through CFN. Unlike typical Career Forums, instead of the companies, CFN will be contacting you and supporting you through the whole interview process. You will apply to positions online and CFN staff will be in touch with you to explain more in detail about the job as well as help you prepare for the interview.

By registering to U.S. Career Forum Online, CFN will also introduce other positions that match your skills and experience.
Q.Who can participate?
A.If you have some level of Japanese and English language ability and
- legally eligible to work in the U.S.
- working professional or graduating by September 2021
Q.How can I participate in U.S. Career Forum Online?
A.First register to the U.S. Career Forum Online. By registering, you will receive the latest information about new job postings and events.

Next, create your CFN resume. You will use your CFN resume to apply to any positions posted through U.S. Career Forum.

Once you apply to positions, CFN staff will be in touch with you with further details about the job as well as prepare with you through the interview process. Unlike typical Career Forums, CFN will be assisting you through the process as well as following up with you.
Q.What is the process like from applying to getting a job offer?
A.By registering to the event, you can then apply to positions posted. Once you apply to a position and if your skills and background is fit for the position, a CFN staff will be in touch with you to go over the details. Then CFN will arrange an interview for you with the company. With each interview, CFN will follow up with you with the next step of the process all the way up to the job offer.
Q.Will there be more job postings than those currently posted?
A.Because there is no physical event, new positions will be posted continuously through the three months. The job posting list will be constantly updated with new positions and we recommend that you check periodically so you do not miss out on any opportunities. Some companies may be seeking for immediate hire while others may have a future entry date.

By registering to the U.S. Career Forum, you may also receive job recommendations by CFN that matches your skills and backgrounds.
Q.What contents will be available?
A.There will be seminars, panel discussions, and career advising sessions throughout the duration of the event. More details will be made available soon. Please register first to receive the latest information.
Q.When and how will interviews be conducted?
A.At this current time, most companies will conduct interviews online using web conferencing tools (ex. Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, Webex, etc.). The CFN staff will contact applicants directly regarding the date of the interview and the method.