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Prevention measures against new coronavirus infection


Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, we ask all event participants (candidates and exhibiting companies) to cooperate in the following measures to reduce the risk of virus spread.

■Please wear a mask, rinse out your mouth, wash and sanitize your hands regularly.
   (We provide alcohol hand sanitizer and spare mask at event venue)

■Please keep wearing your mask while visiting company booth.

■Event staff and participating company will also wear a mask for prevention measures.

■If you have a fever, cough, shivering or feel unwell, please contact event staff.


Persons who:

■ have visited Hubei Province or Zhejiang Province from 1st February 2020,

■ are in contact with another person who have visited Hubei Province or Zhejiang Province

■ have fever symptoms

Are requested to refrain from participating for the event and to seek medical attention for public health.


We ask for your understanding and cooperation.