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Notice of Boston Career Forum 2020 Shift to Online (July 7th, 2020)

We have been preparing for this year’s Boston Career Forum while closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Boston Career Forum is an event that brings in over 10,000 participants during the 3 days and we have been looking for ways to hold this large-scale event, following state government guidelines and working with the event venue, while also considering the safety of the attendees. However, with the current situation, we came to the conclusion that an in-person event of this size cannot be held this year in November and we have decided to shift to an online event, "Boston Career Forum ONLINE 2020."

Details will be announced later on the Boston Career Forum event page and via email to Boston Career Forum registrants. In addition to being able to partake in online interviews with a chance for a possible job offer, the online event will have live online company seminars, panel discussions, keynote speakers and more throughout mid-September to mid-November that will hopefully be useful for your career and job hunting. 

Please look forward to Boston Career Forum ONLINE 2020!