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Be advised when using job hunting services using the name "Boston Career Forum"

Thank you for using CareerForum.Net (CFN).

In previous years, we have continuously received reports regarding other companies using "Boston Career Forum" or "Career Forum" to provide job hunting support to students.
"CAREERFORUM" or the Japanese terms "キャリアフォーラム" or "ボスキャリ" are registered trademarks of the CFN operating companies DISCO Inc. and DISCO International, Inc..
Hence, these terms have no affiliation with other job-hunting support companies or individuals.

Even if the terms "キャリアフォーラム," "Career Forum," or "ボスキャリ" are being used elsewhere, we are not involved in these services.
Please contact us through the CFN's inquiry form if you come across such a service.

For job postings where the job start date is the same, even if it is a different event, many companies only allow you to apply once.
Regarding Boston Career Forum ONLINE 2021, the only official information of the participating companies are the ones posted on CFN.
Participating companies will accept applications from CFN or from their own company website.
Therefore, if you apply using any other method, it will not be considered as part of the CFN application, so please be sure to check the application details.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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