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CFN Membership Rules

Article 1 CareerForum.Net (CFN) ("CFN") is the service run by Career-tasu, Inc. ("Career-tasu") to provide career opportunity information on the internet (at CFN includes mail services for distributing information to the members by e-mail and other services.

Article 2 Members

A CFN member ("member" or "you") means a person who applied to CFN to become a member and has been approved by Career-tasu.

Article 3 Acceptance of these Rules

By registration, you are deemed to have agreed to all provisions of CFN Membership Rules (hereinafter called these "Rules"), and an agreement is executed between you and Career-tasu. We may send (including by e-mail) various employment-related information published by Career-tasu and its group companies, employment information commissioned by individual companies registered with CFN that offer jobs (hereinafter called "recruiting companies"), other information useful for career development and job search activities, requests for cooperation in various surveys, and advertisements for products useful in your job search activities. You are deemed to have agreed to receive such information.

Article 4 Changes in Registration Information and Withdrawal or Deletion from Membership

You may change, add to and remove the descriptions of your registration at any time with no obligation; provided, however, that you will be responsible for your own registration descriptions. Further, you may withdraw from the membership at any time with no obligation. In order to withdraw from the membership, you shall take the designated procedures online. If a member has not logged in to CFN for three (3) years or more, Career-tasu will notify the member by email in advance, and will delete the member's account and erase all data related to the account. If you wish to use CFN again, please register as a member again.

Article 5 Prohibited Conduct

You agree not to do any of the following with CFN:
1. Register false information;
2. Reproduce, sell, publish or utilize in any other manner the information provided by CFN or Career-tasu beyond personal use;
3. Engage in information supply for profit,
4. Engage in any conduct that infringes intellectual property rights belonging to other members or third parties;
5. Engage in any conduct that harms property, privacy or other rights of other members or third parties, criminal act or any other conduct contrary to public decency and morality;
6. Engage in any conduct that disrupts the administration of CFN, or harms, or may harm, the credibility of Career-tasu;
7. Forward the e-mail magazine sent by CFN to a third party; and
8. Engage in any illegal act or other act that Career-tasu deems inappropriate.

Article 6 Removal of Registration

Career-tasu reserves the right to discontinue its service to you or remove your registration without prior notice if Career-tasu is of the opinion that you are in breach of these Rules.

Article 7 Handling of Personal Information

Career-tasu will handle the personal information of its members in accordance with Privacy Policy and the following: For the purpose of use of the personal information registered with CFN, please visit Section 2.1 of Privacy Policy, "Types of personal information acquired directly in writing from the individual by the Company," and confirm the items specified under "Personal information of students and adult members of society acquired through the services listed under "Global Recruitment Services" that is one of the Service categories."

1. Provision of personal data to third parties at the time of online application and online seminar application to recruiting companies
Upon application by a member to a recruiting company’s online job opening or online seminar, Career-tasu will provide the recruiting company (Japan or overseas) with the personal data of the member registered with CFN which is specified in the following, as the applicant data or seminar applicant data. The recruiting company will use the personal data provided by Career-tasu for the purpose of contacting the member during the recruitment and selection process. For more information on the management system and handling of personal data at each recruiting company, please check the recruiting company’s website, etc.
Please refer to here for the system regarding the protection of personal information in foreign countries.

●Items of Personal Data to be Provided to the Recruiting Company at the Time of Application
・ Name
・ E-mail
・ Japanese E-mail Readable (whether or not "I wish to receive emails from CFN in Japanese." is checked)

[Current Address]
・ Country
・ State/Prov./Prefecture
・ City/Town
・ Street
・ Zip/Postal Code
・ Primary Phone Number
・ Secondary Phone Number (Optional)
・ Tertiary Phone Number (Optional)

[Alternative Contact etc.]
・ Country
・ State/Prov./Prefecture
・ City/Town
・ Street
・ Zip/Postal Code
・ Skype ID (Optional)
・ Work Permit/Visa
・ Language Level
・ Skill/Qualifications (Optional)
・ Self-promotion (Optional)

[Education Background]
・ Country
・ State/Prov./Prefecture
・ University
・ Major Category
・ Major
・ Official name of Major
・ Degree
・ Graduation Date
・ GPA (Optional)
・ Detail

[Work History]
・ Full-time Work Experience
・ Company Name
・ Type of Business
・ Company Profile
・ Position Title
・ Period at Position
・ Job Category
・ Career Level
・ Employment Type
・ Job Description
・ Latest Annual Income (Optional)

[Response to questions posed by the recruiting company about applicants]
Such response is requested and submitted to the recruiting company only if the questions are posted by such recruiting company.

※The Personal Information marked (Optional) is rendered only if the member provides it.

●Items of Personal Data to be Provided to the Recruiting Company at the Time of Online Seminar Application
・ Name
・ E-mail address

[Education Background]
・ University
・ Major Category
・ Major
・ Degree
・ Graduation Date

2. Cookies
For information on cookies, etc., please refer to "Cookies Policy".

3. Personal Information of Withdrawing Members
Career-tasu will safely retain personal information of withdrawing members for a period of one (1) year at the most solely for the purpose of allowing a company for which a withdrawing member has applied may view the applicant data. After the lapse of one (1) year, Career-tasu will dispose of such information promptly by deletion or other proper means. Career-tasu will never use the personal information of withdrawing members for any other purpose. You are requested to and hereby agree to approve that a company for which a member has applied may contact such member in any manner other than CFN system by sending an email for making an inquiry or for other purposes.

4. Creating Statistical Data
Career-tasu may create statistical data in a format that does not identify individuals based on the personal information provided by the members, and may use such data without any restrictions.

Article 8 Liability of Career-tasu

Career-tasu shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage (including, but not limited to, emotional distress, an interruption of job search activities, or any other financial loss) arising from your registration with CFN, use thereof, any information provided by a third party or other activities related to CFN, unless such damage was caused by willful misconduct or gross negligence of Career-tasu. Further, Career-tasu shall not be obligated to re-send its e-mail magazine or other materials in case they are garbled and illegible.

Article 9 Force Majeure

Career-tasu shall not be held liable for any damage suffered by the members due to causes beyond its control including, but not limited to, damage from computer virus attacks which cannot be prevented by ordinary preventive measures and natural disasters. Career-tasu does not guarantee the data stored at CFN will not be deleted or modified by such an act of force majeure.

Article 10 Liability to Third Parties

If you cause a third party or third parties any damage by your registration with CFN or use thereof, you shall be responsible for a solution. Career-tasu will not bear any responsibility in such a case.

Article 11 Damages

If you violate these Rules and cause damage to Career-tasu directly or indirectly, you shall be obligated to indemnify all the loss and damage suffered by Career-tasu.

Article 12 Assignment

Career-tasu may assign, transfer or cause to be assigned or transferred its status hereunder or its rights and obligations hereunder to a third party without your consent by providing a prior notice on the CFN website.

Article 13 Changes in Member Service

1. Members agree that Career-tasu may change or temporarily halt its member service without a prior notice to the members.
2. Career-tasu may halt for a long period of time or discontinue its entire member service by giving one-month prior notice to the members.

Article 14 Change to these Rules

1. Career-tasu may change these Rules at its own discretion if:
(1) such change is generally beneficial to the members; and
(2) such change is not contrary to the purpose of these Rules and is reasonable by considering the necessity of change, reasonableness of the changed provisions, details of change and other circumstances related to the change.
In the event of any substantial change to these Rules, Career-tasu shall post a notice on CFN stating that these Rules will be changed, the provisions, terms and conditions after change (hereinafter collectively called the "Changed Terms and Conditions") and the effective date of the Changed Terms and Conditions, at least one (1) month prior to the effective date.
2. If you do not agree to the Changed Terms and Conditions, you may withdraw from the membership of CFN as of the day immediately preceding the effective date of the Changed Terms and Conditions by following the withdrawal procedures in a manner specified by Career-tasu pursuant to Article 4 "Changes in Registration Information and Withdrawal from Membership."
3. If you use CFN on or after the effective date of the Changed Terms and Conditions, you will be deemed to have agreed to the change to these Rules.

Article 15 Governing Laws

These Rules shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Article 16 Jurisdiction

The Tokyo District Court or (if the jurisdictional amount does not exceed 1,400,000 yen) the Tokyo Summary Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance over any dispute arising from or relating to these Rules. Provided, however, that if such jurisdiction is determined to be contrary to laws and regulations, the jurisdiction hereunder shall be as provided for in the applicable laws and regulations.

Article 17 Original

These Rules may be translated into English for convenience purposes, but the original of these Rules shall be the Japanese version.

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Effective date of change: April 1, 2024