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Benefits of Using CFN Scout

No Time? Make your resume public and wait

All you have to do is to sign-up and wait for employers to contact you. It doesn't matter how busy you are!

Scout emails are sent only to the selected few

Employers use scout emails to contact selected candidates. After carefully reviewing resumes do companies send scout email, inviting you to apply to the position.

Great job opportunities beyond your imagination!

Employers contact you after carefully reviewing your resume. No need to guess whether you're qualified or not. The employer feels you are qualified for the role based on your background, experience, and other information from your resume.

Scout mail is an invitation to an interview

A scout mail from a company is almost an invitation to an interview. Companies want to know more about you. By applying, they know you're interested and speed up the interview process. Too far for a office interview. No problem! Many companies are ready to conduct the interview online.

How CFN Scout Service Works

Become a member and make your resume public to start receiving scout mails from employers! Employers will directly reach out to candidates who are qualified for the role.
CFN Members create and make resume public
Employer finds your resume
Employers send scout mail to you
Apply to the job
Interviews are arranged via Skype or at Career Forums
You're hired!
* Your privacy is important to us. Personal information such as your name, e-mail, and address will not be displayed to employers. You can include your skills, abilities, desired salary and other conditions that must be met as additional information.

Block Employers

You can block employers from searching for your resume. You can select from the CFN Employer Database to find past and current CFN user companies to add to your "Block List."
* Employers not listed in the CFN Employer Database cannot be blocked. New employers register to CFN daily so it is recommended to check periodically. The block function won't be effective if company names are changed in the CFN Employer Database (i.e. in case such of mergers, acquisitions, and etc.). If such a case occurs, it will be necessary to make the necessary changes to your Block List.