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November 1 (Fri.) – November 3 (Sun.), 2019

Past Participant Data

See results from last year’s Career Forum and learn how participants prepared for the event. Get tips from their experience to prepare for the upcoming Career Forum.
* Information below is based on last year’s Boston Career Forum Participant Survey results.


Did you attend the Career Forum intending to seek a full-time or an internship position?
Although most of the companies are looking to hire full-time employees, more and more companies are also seeking interns. If you are a year or two away from beginning your job search, you can still attend to see what opportunities are available for you. Some companies hold seminars and information sessions during the event which are great resources to learn more about companies and their products/services. You also have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with company representatives, allowing you to hear the current market trends in the industry.
When did you start preparing for the Career Forum?
Many candidates start preparing more than a month before the Career Forum. With companies conducting multiple rounds of interviews during the Career Forum, prior preparation is the key to being successful. That includes, creating resumes, applying to companies online and practicing for interviews.
How many companies did you apply to online prior to the Career Forum?
Because some companies set up appointments prior to the Career Forum and others only meet with candidates who have previously applied online, applying to companies online is a must. Instead of waiting until the event, utilize the application as your first contact with the company to let them know of your interest.
How many appointments were you able to set up prior to the Career Forum?
Did you go ahead and visit the booth even if you did not receive a response from the company after applying online?
If you don’t hear back from a company it does NOT mean you are disqualified for the position. Companies use the online application in different ways and it can be likely that some will not respond to any of the applicants. As you can see, more than half the participants still visited the company's booth even if they did not have an appointment. Many of the companies do set aside time to interview candidates who visit their booths on the day of the event, so do not hesitate! You should actively visit companies of your interest.

Event Day

How many companies did you visit in total during the three day event?
Did any company conduct second round or more interviews with you?
Companies hold multiple rounds of interviews during the event. Over 70% of past participants had second-round or more interviews with companies. Having several rounds of interviews with one company can take up time and limit how much you have to meet with other companies. The average number of companies a candidate can meet during the event is about 10. In order to make the most of the time you have at the Career Forum, make sure to list the companies you wish to visit and prioritize them to keep yourself on track.
Did you receive any offer of employment?
The company representatives who attend the Career Forum are not just HR staff, but department managers, directors, and even company presidents. Because decision makers are at the event, the interview process moves relatively quickly with the possibility of receiving on-site offers from companies by the end of the event.

Voices from past participants

I liked how things moved fast and my schedule was packed. Better than taking months for interviews.
Boston Career Forum is very very well organized event and it is extremely helpful event for both candidates and employers.
I feel that this Career Forum is the best chance for students who are bilingual in Japanese and English. My friend and I were both able to get offers from companies when my friend had been struggling with job searching. Thank you for a great opportunity and helping many of us find and get jobs.
I honestly had so much fun! The forum was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. It was perfect for networking as well!
What I liked was that you got to talk and learn about the companies from all levels of employees in some companies- from entry level to very high level ranking employees.
I felt that this event was my biggest opportunity for employment in Japan, and I am very happy that I was able to make the best of the opportunity.
I enjoyed being able to speak with recruiters and interviewers about opportunities both in Japan and in the United States that most closely match my skill set and previous experience. In addition, discussing future opportunities for growth was very useful.