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March 23 (Sat.) & 24 (Sun.), 2024

Los Angeles Career Forum Prep Webinar

One more month until LA Career Forum!
If you're planning or still debating, everyone is welcome to join us on this special webinar on 2/27.

This webinar will have 3 parts, prep webinar, talk session with past participants, and networking event. You can attend all or just one/two! If you have attended the previous prep webinar and/or the campus seminar, feel free to join in from the second part.

*The below schedule is an estimated time frame and might slightly change during the event. Use it as a reference if you plan on joining midway.

1. LA Career Forum Prep Webinar (PT 6:00PM - / ET 9:00PM-)

2. Talk session with past Career Forum participants (PT 7:00PM - / ET 8:00PM -)

We will be talking to two students who had participated in last year's LA Career Forum. They will share their job hunting timeline and how they utilize last year's event as well as any advice they can share with this year's participants. The two will also participate in the networking event afterwards to answer any questions you may have.
(Short Bio on the Participants)

3. Networking Event (PT 7:30PM-/ET 10:30PM)

Connect with job seekers from around the world who are planning on attending the LA Career Forum. Different sections will be available based on graduation year, ideal industry, university area, and more so find others with a common interest and start talking. You can also ask questions to CFN staff.
Date / Time
February 27 (Tue.) 6:00PM (US PT) / 9:00PM (US ET)
March 12 (Tue.) 6:00PM (US PT) / 9:00PM (US ET)
* Only the Prep Webinar will be held for this date
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