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April 16 (Sat.) - April 17 (Sun.), 2022


Q.What is the Networking Lounge?
A.At the Networking Lounge, you will be able to network with company representatives and fellow job seekers in a more casual setting. Utilize this opportunity to freely talk to companies or to just take a quick break.
Q.Who can attend?
A.Career Forum is a job fair for Japanese-English bilinguals. Those who can attend the Los Angeles Career Forum are as follows:
Possesses a minimum of beginner level in both Japanese and English and one of the following:
  • Recent graduates or students currently enrolled in a Bachelor's or higher degree program (Master, MBA, Ph.D., etc.) outside of Japan or have study abroad experience outside of Japan
  • Professionals with study abroad or work experience outside of Japan

Those who still have a while until graduation are also welcome to participate to find internships or conduct company research. We recommend that you bring your resume even if you are not planning to have any interviews with companies.
Q.Is there a cost to attend?
A.To register and attend the Career Forum is free.
Q.Is there a dress code?
A.There is no dress code specification at the Career Forum. Many companies conduct interviews on the spot, so if you are going to be interviewed, we recommend that you dress appropriately for an interview.
Q.I want to attend the Career Forum, but can I attend without prior registration?
A.While it is possible to register at the Career Forum on the day of the event, we recommend you register beforehand, especially for the first day of the Career Forum. By registering before the event, you will receive useful event details via email, as well as spend less time at registration for a smoother check-in.
Q.Can I attend/leave during the middle of the event?
A.Once you check in at registration, you are able to leave and enter freely that day. To re-enter the venue, you will need to wear your lanyard with the ticket inside that you received at check-in. Check-in is required every day of the event.
Q.What do I need to participate?
A.Please register for the Career Forum first. Once you have completed registration, please proceed with applying to companies of interest. By applying to companies online, you may be able have interviews before the event or be able to set up appointments for the day of the event and utilize your time more efficiently at the Career Forum. You will need to check-in at registration every day of the event. You can check-in using the CFN app or from the My CFN page.
Q.What is the CFN app?
A.Download the CFN app to plan for a more productive experience at the Career Forum. With the CFN app, you can easily check-in at registration, view information on participating companies, review your interview/seminar schedules, and more.
For the Los Angeles Career Forum, you will be able to check event hall map couple days before the event.
Download from here:
AppStore GooglePlay
Q.Are interviews held the Career Forum? Or is it company information sessions?
A.Although it depends on the company, the characteristic of the Career Forum is that it is a place to have interviews rather than information sessions. Some companies will have interviews after their information sessions, but some companies only do interviews, so it is better to be in the mindset that the interview starts as soon as you visit the company booth.
Compared to the other Career Forums, the Los Angeles Career Forum will have many opportunities for company research, basics of job searching, and working in Japan, so those who still have a while until graduation can also take advantage of the two days.
Q.I’d like to cancel my registration because I can no longer attend
A.There is no need to cancel your event registration. If you have already scheduled an interview with a company, please let that company know.
Q.When will I know where each company’s booth is located?
A.An event hall map will be available on the day of the event that will show where each company’s booth is located. Please pick up the map after you check-in at registration.
Q.Is there a place to print resumes?
A.There is a business center inside the event hall. PCs, printers, and a copy machine are available for you to use free of charge, so if you wish to check your email, print or edit your resume, please use the business center. Printer and copy machines can only print black and white, one-sided, and letter size. Due to many participants utilizing the business center, there may be a line as well as a time limit. We recommend printing out your resume before you get to the Career Forum.
Q.Is there free Wi-Fi?
A.There is free public Wi-Fi provided by the Los Angeles Convention Center in the public spaces, but not inside the event hall. Public spaces include the registration area and the cafes outside the event hall. The Wi-Fi is a public account, so please be careful with security. If you need to check email or use the internet inside the event hall, please utilize the business center.
Q.Can I borrow scissors or glue?
A.They will be available at the Business Center for your use. Quantity may be limited.
Q.Are there any places to eat and drink inside the venue?
A.There are no vendors inside the event venue. There are restaurants outside of the Convention Center, but if you are limited on time, we recommend bringing a muffin or sandwich.
Q.I lost something. Where should I go?
A.Please go to information counter during the event to see if anything has been reported. Sometimes items may be reported to the venue (Los Angeles Career Forum.) If your item is not at the information counter, please contact the venue directly.
Q.Where can I check the seminar schedule?
A.Companies may hold seminars in the seminar rooms. You can find the seminar schedule on the same Career Forum menu as the FAQ once it becomes available.
Q.Should I apply to companies online prior to the event?
A.We recommend applying to companies online because it is an opportunity to show your interest in that company. Depending on the company, some conduct phone or online interviews before the event with applicants or contact you to set up an appointment for an interview for the event day.
Q.Can I still visit the booth if I don’t hear back from a company?
A.Yes. Even if you did not hear back from a company after applying online, that doesn’t mean you are not qualified. There is a possibility to have interviews on the day of the event via walk-ins, so please visit the booth. More than half of past participants visited the booth as walk-ins during the three days even if they did not hear back from companies.
Q.Do I need a resume?
A.Even if you do not plan to have interviews, we recommend that you still have resumes prepared. There may be times when you unexpectedly need a resume, such as visiting booths as walk-ins you were not planning to visit or there may be many company representatives, so we recommend bringing plenty of copies.
Q.Should I use the CFN resume or the one I created myself?
A.It is possible to print out the CFN resume, but with a resume you create yourself, you will be able to choose a format and layout that emphasizes your strengths and experiences.
For Japanese resumes, it does not matter if it’s handwritten or typed out. If attaching a picture there is no place near the venue where you can take/print your photo, so please bring extra. Although it is optional to attach a picture, it makes it easier for companies to remember your face, so we recommend you to have it just in case.
Q.Is a job history record necessary?
A.If you are a working professional with work experience and using a Japanese resume, you may be able to better showcase your experiences, so we recommend bringing it. If translating your English resume into Japanese, it is not necessary.
Q.What would be a typical Career Forum be like?
A.Details about the Career Forum can be found here.
Q.Can I cancel my Travel Scholarship application?
A.You cannot cancel, edit, or re-submit the Travel Scholarship application. However, if you need to make corrections, contact CFN with the corrections and we will forward it to the representative.
Q.If I get selected for the Travel Scholarship, what do I need to do?
A.All materials necessary for being selected are clearly stated on the travel scholarship page, so please check the Travel Scholarship page for details.
Q.Is there a dinner or reception with companies?
A.Some companies invite job seekers to dinner after the event. This is a great opportunity to speak with other members of the company and learn more about the company’s corporate climate and work environment. Unlike during the interview, you may be able to speak in a more relaxed environment.