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Virtual Booth Days

Virtual Booth Days is a two-days online event where you can interact with company representatives. Similar to in-person events, you can visit a company's booth and interact in real-time with company representatives. What you can do by visiting the company's booth:- Interact with company representatives in real-time text or video chat. - Participate in a special seminar held only during the 2-day Virtual Booth Days period.*) Number of participant slots are limited and seminars are almost fully booked! To secure your seminar slot, please make sure to register as soon as possible from the seminar list below.

What is Virtual Booth Days?

Time Start(6:30 OPEN)7:00
End14:00(14:30 CLOSE)

*Japan Time

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(Visit participating company's booth from here.)

Virtual Booth Days Special Seminar

Many special seminars will be held only during Virtual Booth Days. Don't miss out on company information that you can only get during Virtual Booth Days!

Seminar scheduled for 10/30 (Sat) Seminar scheduled for 10/31 (Sun)

Seminar information will be updated constantly, so we recommend checking frequently.

Event Schedule

* Japan Time

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It will be held online this year.
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Event Qualifications

Possesses a minimum of beginner level in both Japanese and English and one of the following:
- Recent graduates or students currently enrolled in a Bachelor's or higher degree program (Master, MBA, Ph.D., etc.) outside of Japan or have study abroad experience outside of Japan
- Professionals with study abroad or work experience outside of Japan

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