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July 8th (Sat.)
Japanese-English bilingual job fair in Osaka
Career Forum held in Osaka once a year in the Kansai area. Companies actively looking to hire Japanese-English bilinguals with study abroad experience will participate. It’s not just company information sessions, but an event with a chance to interview with companies and even receive a job offer by the end of the event. Those who have study abroad experience, those who are planning to return to Japan temporarily, those who have experience living abroad are all welcome to attend.
For those of you who want to work for a global company or want to make the most of your English ability, this is a must-attend event.

infoEvent Information

July 8th (Sat.), 2023
HERBIS HALL B2F, HERBIS OSAKA, 2-5-25Umeda, Kita-Ku,Osaka
Participating Companies List

groupsQualifications to Participate

Japanese-English bilingual and one of the following:
  • Graduated from or currently enrolled in a Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. program outside of Japan
  • Enrolled in a Japanese university and have/had study abroad experience (eg. exchange program including online study abroad) or were planning to study abroad but couldn’t go.
  • Experience living abroad
  • Mid-career professionals with study or work abroad experience

date_rangeEvent Schedule

July 8th (Sat.), 2023
Registration opens
Pre-event seminar
Event starts
Registration closes
Event ends

Caution Event site will be closed after 17:00 on July 8th. You will not be able to apply to companies after Event site close.

date_range Special Pre-Osaka Career Forum Seminar

We will be holding a special seminar on the morning of the Osaka Career Forum to help you get last minute advice before the event!

2023年July 8th (Sat.), 2023, 9:00AM - 9:50AM
In the Osaka Career Forum event hall

①「Navigate your way through Osaka Career Forum!」
CFN will share how to fully utilize the Career Forum for a successful job search experience.
Join the seminar before the start of the event to receive last-minute tips and advice. 
This is perfect for those participating in the Career Forum for the first time. July 8th (Sat.) Sign up for seminar①
②「Self PR & Interview Prep Seminar」
How to relay your experiences and skills effectively as well as understanding the interviewer's point of view will be discussed. Recommended for those graduating in 2024 and are actively conducting their job search. July 8th (Sat.) Sign up for seminar②
③「Internship Seminar」
How to look not just for internships, but internships that best fits you! CFN will share when to participate in internships and what to look out for. A must attend for those graduating in 2025 and 2026. July 8th (Sat.) Sign up for seminar③
Notice Click here for other seminars that will be held on the same day

date_range【Pre-registration Required】 Resume Review

July 8th (Sat.), 2023, 10:30AM - 16:55PM (1 slot = 25min)
Osaka Career Forum event hall

How to make your resume shine! CFN will review your Japanese resume and give direct feedback. Sign up below to book your Resume Review.

* Japanese resumes only.
Sign up for Resume Review

date_range 【Pre-registration Required】 Mock Interview

July 8th (Sat.), 2023, 10:30AM - 16:55PM (1 slot = 25 minutes)
Osaka Career Forum event hall

Your chance to experience a mock interview at the Career Forum! Practice how to talk about yourself in a short period of time and learn skills that can help you progress onto the next interview stage. Also includes valuable feedback.

* Japanese interviews only.
* Slots are limited so please refrain from cancelling on the day.
Sign up for Mock Interview

 [Participation Benefit] Present for Career Forum Participants

Benefit① First 300 participants will receive 2,000 Yen Amazon Gift Card!

The first 300 participants* to the Osaka Career Forum will receive a 2,000 Yen worth Amazon Gift Card.
  • The first 300 attendees will receive a coupon when checking in.
    (Offer only available to participants who enter the Career Forum by 11:00AM.)
  • Exchange the coupon at Headquarter between 16:00-17:00 to receive your gift card.

Benefit② First 400 participants will receive a free lunch!

The first 400 participants to the Osaka Career Forum will receive a light lunch.
Take a quick bite to help you get through the rest of the day.
  • The first 400 attendees will receive a lunch coupon when checking in.
    (Offer only available to first 400 participants who enter the Career Forum by 13:00.)
  • Exchange the lunch coupon at Headquarter between 12:00-14:00 to receive your lunch.

CFN Presents Seminar

CFN, the organizers of the Boston Career Forum, will hold a seminar to help you prepare for the event this fall.

How to Navigate the Boston Career Forum 2023

July 8th (Sat) 17:00~17:45
Boston Career Forum 2023
The Boston Career Forum, the world's largest Career Forum for Japanese-English bilinguals. Held annually in Boston, this year, the event will take place Nov. 17 - 19 with approximately 170 companies participating. This seminar will explain what the Boston Career Forum is, when and how to best prepare for a successful three day job hunting event.

phone_iphoneDownload the CFN App for easy entry

The registration desk is expected to become extremely crowded on the day of the event. Please ensure you download the App in advance to allow for smooth entry to the Forum!