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June 25th(Sat.) & 26th (Sun), 2022

Special Seminars before Tokyo Summer Career Forum

There will be 2 special seminars held on the mornings of the Tokyo Summer CF to help you get last minute advice before the event. Day 1 will focus on self-pr, day 2 on interview preparation. Take advantage of both seminars to maximize your opportunity for a successful job-hunting experience at the Tokyo Summer Career Forum.
June 25th (Sat) 9:00-9:55 『This is what employers want to know!』 How to appeal to employers through self-pr
Strong self-pr is vital in the interview process. In this seminar, we will use the PREP method to explain how best to prepare a self-pr that encompasses the key points that employers want to hear and know from you. We will also teach you how to evaluate all of your skills and experiences as well as assess your ideas/values.
Atsuko Sakamoto
Speaker: Atsuko Sakamoto
(CEO of Prime Time Co., Ltd.)
Joined Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. as an international flight attendant. Also worked on-board the Prime Minister’s private plane (flew to the United States for the Venice Summit). She then went on to work in recruitment and human resource development at BASF Japan Co., Ltd., an international chemical company. She started an independent and entrepreneurial human resource consulting firm in 1995. Utilizing her experience analyzing successful and unsuccessful individuals met in their field of training and counselling, developed and released “Timing Management®” in 2005, a practical ethology that teaches the importance of timing in life and business. Has helped to support over 60,000 individuals in their career thus far. Currently widely active in training, lecturing and writing to promote transformation and problem solving for people and organizations, working with a range of individuals from executives to new recruits and students. Won the “Stevie Award” (Women’s Business Award) in 2012, often called the Academy Award of the business world. Provides job hunting support for students based on the “Elements Required for Work” that have been learned through many years working in corporate human resource development.
Date Time (JST)
June 25th (Sat) 9:00 - 9:55
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