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Tips for working in the U.S.

Skills/Experience vs Potential

In the U.S., aside from industries that hire large group of new graduates at once, many companies tend to conduct position-based hiring. Therefore, what skills and experiences you bring to the position is highly valued. Many companies expect a strong skill set from new-hires in their first year, as opposed to a more traditional, training-based approach. Internships and volunteering experience can be just as valuable as work experience. Your resume becomes a valuable tool by Including these experiences as well as any skills you have gained even during your collegiate years to persuade the employer that you are the one for the position.

Room for negotiation

Many companies in Japan have a set base salary for all new graduates, an equivalent to an entry level position in the U.S. for many new graduates. However in the U.S., because some companies recruit by position, even if you are a new graduate, if you have the skills they seek, your salary may be the same or even higher than an employee who has worked there longer. Appealing the value of your skills/background can be a big factor when a company determines your starting salary. How much potential value you can provide the company = how much you will be compensated.

Opportunity awaits

Whether you are in U.S., Japan, or any other place, you most likely will change jobs to enhance your career or to take on new challenges. However, you never know when that opportunity may come. Attractive positions can be filled in just one day. Keep your resume updated even if you are not actively job hunting, so when that opportunity does come around, you are ready!

On CFN, you can easily apply to positions posted with the resume you have created. Even if there is no position right now, when jobs that match your desired position/industry are posted, you will be notified on your My CFN page. You can also make your resume public to have companies find you through our scout service. Because companies that seek your skills and experiences will contact you, you have the choice to accept or decline the offer. The control is in your hand. Register now and see what exciting opportunities awaits.