Your Global Recruitment.

A top-class database with over 100,000
Japanese-English bilinguals, spanning all industries,
backgrounds, & experience levels

CFN Breakdown

1.Extensive Japanese Bilingual Database

Including 100,000 Japanese bilingual professionals and students.

TOP 5 Universities (not in Japan)

UCLA 635

Number of Professionals

Engineers (IT, Mechanical, etc) 6,932
MBA Holders 5,275
Financial Field 5,632
Consulting Field 2,987
Accounting Field 2,491

2.Utilized by Over 500 Global Companies Every Year

Companies around the world, from all industries,
rely on CFN's Online & Career Forum Services.

3.Unique Services That Cater to Your Recruiting

Career Forum

The first Career Forum was held in Boston in 1987.
Over the years, our Career Forums have become staple tool to find jobs, not just for students who have experience abroad but also for Japanese bilingual professionals. Our events are held in Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, London, Sydney & Shanghai and host hundreds of employers looking to actively hire bilingual students and professionals for jobs around the world.

Online Career Forum

Hosting over 90,000 Japanese-English bilinguals, CareerForum.Net possesses a wide array of online registrants at all levels, from new graduates, experienced professionals, and management level candidates.
Online Career Forum encompasses all industries from Sales, Accounting, Finance, IT, Engineering, and much more.

Service Includes:

  • Ability to post up to 10 positions
  • Send targeted web mails to promote your recruiting
  • Navigate personal account via the CFN Account Manager page, to screen candidates and contact them directly for interviews

Schedule of 2020~2021

Spring 2020 :2020/2/3 - 2020/5/1
Summer 2020 :2020/5/4 - 2020/7/31
Fall 2020 :2020/8/3 - 2020/10/30
Winter 2020-21 :2020/11/2 - 2021/1/29
Current Companies (OnLine Career Forum)

CFN Agent

Global Talent Recruiting Service (Japan Only)

  • Less risk, cost effective service.
    Because the service is contingency based, there is no fee to pay upfront. A fee will incur only when the candidate you selected accepts your offer.
  • Provide support for an effective recruitment
    We will collect and screen applications, and set up interviews so you can focus on just interviewing for the best candidates.
  • Find and approach your target candidates
    We can post/share you job information only to a specific audience. Not only willwe approach possible candidates, but create opportunity for candidates to learn more about your company and spark their interest.
  • Customization to meet your needs
    Our agents will work with you to propose a customized recruiting plan that works with your schedule and meets your recruiting needs.

* Contingency base where fee incurs when candidate accepts job offer.

* CFN Agent service is only available to companies hiring for position within their offices in Japan.

* CFN agents can represent your company at the Career Forum additional fee.