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June 25th(Sat.) & 26th (Sun), 2022

Special Seminars before Tokyo Summer Career Forum

There will be 2 special seminars held on the mornings of the Tokyo Summer CF to help you get last minute advice before the event. Day 1 will focus on self-pr, day 2 on interview preparation. Take advantage of both seminars to maximize your opportunity for a successful job-hunting experience at the Tokyo Summer Career Forum.
June 26th (Sun) 9:00-9:55 Preparing your own “episodes” that will be evaluated in an interview
Understand what the interviewer wants to know in an interview, and based on that, learn how to prepare and talk about your own experiences (or “episodes”) in a clear and comprehensive way. We will distribute worksheets to all participants on the day and practice how to speak in interviews with you.
Takemi Komiya
Speaker: Takemi Komiya
(CEO of Recruitment & Development Institute Co., Ltd.)
Joined IBM Japan in 1993. Served as a recruitment team leader in personnel affairs and also taught recruitment theory and methods outside the company in lectures. Became a Tokyo Metropolitan University student counselor in 2005, helping students to develop their careers. Established a recruitment and training research company in 2008 and, using experiences gained working with both companies and universities, currently provides recruitment and training support for mostly large companies.
Date Time (JST)
June 26th (Sun) 9:00 - 9:55
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