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June 26th(Sat.) & 27th (Sun), 2021
The biggest Japanese-English bilingual job fair in Japan!
The Tokyo Summer Career Forum is Japan's largest job fair for Japanese-English bilinguals. This year, after taking all possible measures to protect against the spread of coronavirus, we will be providing job seekers the opportunity to meet companies face to face at the Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall. The Tokyo Summer Career Forum is not just a place to meet company representatives, but a recruitment fair offering the chance to be 『interviewed』 and even 『hired』 at the event itself. Those who have returned to Japan from their study abroad, those who are planning on returning temporarily or those who have experience studying abroad, please come along to make the most of this fanatastic opportunity.

infoEvent Information

June 26th (Sat.) & 27th (Sun.), 2021
1-2-33 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064

targetQualifications to Participate

Japanese-English bilingual and one of the following:
  • Graduated from or currently enrolled in a Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. program outside of Japan
  • Enrolled in a Japanese university and have/had study abroad experience (eg. exchange program)
  • Currently in Japan, but have experience living abroad
  • Mid-career professionals with study or work abroad experience

timetableEvent Schedule

June 26th (Sat.) & 27th (Sun.), 2021
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Response to coronavirus infection status (as of 15th June 2021)

As part of our measures to protect against the spread of COVID-19 we will refuse admission to anyone who meets any of the following criteria:
・Have traveled to or from a country/area with entry restrictions within the past 14 days, or have been in contact with someone who has. 
・Have been in close contact with an individual (ex. family member) who has contracted COVID-19, and are experiencing cold-like symptoms such as a fever. 
・Experiencing a fever (above 37.5 degrees Celsius), fatigue, loss of smell or taste, and coughs. 
・A fever observed through thermography or thermometer upon entrance. 

In addition, we will also be implementing the following measures.

・Temperature check with a non-contact thermometer at the entrance.
・Restrictions on the number of people entering the venue.
・Mandatory wearing of masks (participants must wear a mask at all times, including when entering company booths and interview rooms).
・Disinfectant provided to thoroughly clean hands upon admission and at other points throughout the venue.
・Restrictions on the number of people allowed in booths and standing area.
    Single booth: up to 9 people inside the booth, and up to 6 in the standing area (includes company staff).
    Double booth: up to 18 people inside the booth, and up to 12 in the standing area (includes company staff).
・Regular ventilation.
・Installation of signs outlining recommended cough etiquette and hand-washing etc.

If a person infected with COVID-19 attends the event, we may disclose the minimum required personal information at the request of federal and local governments for reasons such as identifying the route of the infected person. The details of the event may change depending on the situation. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

With the above measures in place, the event staff will do their upmost best for the health and safety of all attendees.

Job Hunting Seminar

To pass an interview in Japan, you will need to answer questions about "motivation to apply" and "self-promotion". These seminars will give you tips on how to prepare your response based on your own experiences and values.
June 26th (Sat) 9:00 - 9:50 Interview prep seminar
Understand and prepare what the interviewer is looking for during an interview. Utilize the worksheet provided during the seminar to organize your thoughts and strategize what you wish to convey to the interviewer.
小宮 健実
Speaker: Takemi Komiya
Representative Director
Joined IBM Japan, Ltd. in 1993. Not just served as a recruitment team leader in HR department, had been giving many lectures on recruitment theory and methods to those audience outside of his company. In 2005, he shifted his career into Chief Study Counselor at Tokyo Metropolitan University. While supporting career development of university students, he continued to give lectures on recruitment strategies for corporate human resources personnel. After he resigned from Tokyo Metropolitan University in March 2008, he founded his own company, Recruitment & Development Institute in following month. With his experiences of working in both corporate and academia, he is now consulting major companies on recruiting activities and employee development.
June 27th (Sun) 9:00 - 9:50 How to communicate your "motivation to apply" and "self-promotion" during interviews
To get through an interview, having a solid self PR and reason for applying to the company are essential. We will not only discuss how to communicate these two points, but also how to organize what you have gained thus far and how to review your values.
坂本 敦子
Speaker: Atsuko Sakamoto
Primetime K.K.
Representative Director
Started her career as a flight attendant for Japan Airlines (JAL) International flights, including for Japanese Air Force One aircraft for Japanese prime ministers. Afterwards, she joined chemical manufacturing company BASF Japan Ltd. human resources department, handling recruitment and employee development. Started her own company, Primetime K.K. in 1995, providing training and seminars for more than 60,000 clients on organizational change. Developed her original [Timing Management®] method and delivered lectures, training and published books for a wide range of audiences from new recruits to management class. Winner of Bronze Stevie Award at the 2012 Stevie Awards for Women in Business awards.

I would rather just job hunt online... If this is you we also have online services available!

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